On Our Way

On the road again…..

I am pleased we continued our early thesis time together with a Spiral Journal protocol to help sharpen your perception about your early-stage development of your MA thesis work. I am so glad we took the time to focus a bit on the importance of the Library and the Kean University Learning Commons in terms of resources for developing your thesis. Spending a bit of time in workshops geared towards MA students, and learning about the vast resources at your fingertips, is most certainly an important step for your continual thesis work. I hope you will try a few workshops that might be supportive, and also get to know a librarian or two at Kean, while you work on your thesis overall.

Here are the agenda slides from last class:

After settling the presentation calendar together, we also discussed the concept of an Early Proposal. Hopefully this narrows the focus at the start of your formal journey with this big project. I know each of you has a specific plan now for the next two weeks as your “kick-off” your MA thesis progress.

I will see you next on Wednesday Sept. 28th.

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