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Reflection 10

I’ve gotten a good ways into my introduction and have already started the early proposal. However, I have been having a little difficulty in getting all my sources or at least the ones I have already picked thus far. Campus is inhibiting either through reallllllyyyyy slooooowwww internet, annoying 10 page limits and only digital copies of books. With no more home internet anymore and a strong love for the tactility of physical books and articles, I can’t seem to get into the information as much as I want to. As fast as I want to go, Kean is really slowing me down.


Reflection 7

Question List/Concern List

Doing this list just came to me on it’s on.

I want my MA Thesis to serve these purposes in my life…

*help others both males and females

*remind people of things they know already

*make people rethink and consider what I have to say

*this can be one of my many outlets

*to develop a continued routine towards a successful finished project

*an example for me in the future of what I can accomplish

*to read myself later

* to have all my ideas on hand to read over in the future

*provide a life book/guidebook almost like self-help for others including myself

*intimate relationships, dating, mand and woman relationships, love, lust, singleness

*more targeted towards young women preteen plus women in general