You know what to do….

The message of the week: Keep going!

Hopefully our TRIZ protocol last week drew to the surface the ways in which we sometimes get stuck. It is always good to face obstacles head on, and the TRIZ “liberating structure” is designed to do just that, and help you co-formulate strategies to overcome pitfalls along the way.

You should be building on some momentum now. Lean into this, and let the words and work flow. This is the time to be writing without constraint…generating significant content for the overall project.

At this stage, it makes sense to revisit to your Lit Review as it stands, and identify any important gaps…be prepared to address any gaps you think you might have in your Lit Review as you continue on. You will all gear up for your class presentations which will start soon and loom on the horizon.

As always, blog about your progress, and what you are learning.  

See you on Tuesday!

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