Wrapping Up

Thanks to Bailey for a lively discussion regarding the challenges inherent in the notion of “work-life balance”. This is a great topic for her final thesis work, and I was impressed with everybody’s thoughtful contributions to this conversation and several issues came up for Bailey to consider as she moves forward with refining her inquiry. Recent phenomena like the “great resignation” and the Gen Z push back commonly referred to as the “great reshuffle” are tipping point moments in this phenomenon. I appreciate how some of you emphasized the way work–life balance is understood differently from different cultural perspectives. And also, it was important to recognize the radical shift in these debates since the widespread scale up of virtual work since the pandemic. A new kind of critical labor literacy is in the making as we speak. I think Bailey now has a lot of food-for-further-thought, and I would love to see her center her own (individual/personal) perspective on this broad issue in some way within the thesis as we move forward in Spring.

Research Days (Spring 2022)

I would like to encourage all of you to consider presenting some of your work at RESEARCH DAYS 2022 (4/26-27/22). Registration for “Research Days 2022: Hybrid” is now live!  The deadline for students is set for February 13, 2022, so thinking about how to share some of your thesis work (something to mull over during the break) seems a good thing to tag at this stage.

Visit the website to view the registration guidelines, event format, important dates, and FAQ. If you have any questions, you can inquire via email – researchdays@kean.edu


Final announcements

Remember that this week you should write a final thesis blog which points towards your plans for break, with an eye towards keeping your thesis “alive” during the long pause in our gatherings from Dec. 15 and the start of next semester. I hope you will all take a well deserved rest, and then I hope you can give your work some realistic/modest momentum before late January when I see you again.

Please remember we do not have class on Wed. Dec 8th (because Tuesday classes will meet on Wednesday that day). But I certainly look forward to meeting on Dec. 15th for our wrap-up celebration! There will be more information about the plan this week via email.

Keep going everyone. The light at the end-of-semester tunnel can be seen!

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