Turning the corner….

This week we are moving past the halfway mark in the semester. I marvel at the fact that we have made it to Halloween weekend. Enjoy a bit of bewitching time. Also, we will all take a collective deep breath, in anticipation of Election Day this coming Tuesday. And my regrets for the abrupt cut off of our discussions last night at the very end of our classtime at 7:15pm. It was on my end technically, and I am sorry for any lost threads of thought as per our on-going discussions.

Class agenda:

Thanks to Medea

Another wonderful presentation (and reading) by your peer Medea this week, who showcased her memoir. It is a piece of writing that courageously (and effectively) bridges two seemingly disparate topics. On the one hand Medea writes from the humorous lens of her quirky Italian-American family – a family built on both strong familial bonds and love, as well as certain strict cultural codes of conduct. On the other hand she is writing about the perils and struggle with anxiety. She at once is able to make us laugh out loud, and also understand (with empathy) a kind of silent ongoing trauma. She bridges these two worlds with both levity and grace, and her writing pays tribute to the good and bad in these perspectives that are inextricably linked. It is a unique project and it captures a world that only she could tell, and it works because the writer is singular and talented. Thank you Medea for sharing this with all of us, and I know you are now on the homestretch, with just slight revision and some lit review refinement to close out this special project. Bravo!

Please take note:

Your final submission date for all of you this semester is Friday December 18, 2020. For those completing their thesis this semester, 12/18/20 is the deadline you will submit your final project, and all supporting/developmental material that you would like to share (your overal thesis portfolio).

For the rest of you who will be working on your thesis in the Spring ’21, 12/18/20 is the deadline that you will submit your thesis proposal which should include: (1) a clear statement of the topic and its significance; (2) a statement of your thesis research inquiry and/or the importance of your contribution in the context of the creative genre(s) you are working within (3) a in-progress literature review; (4) a working outline of the thesis (5) and brief description of your in-progress research methodology. 

Great expectations

On a final note, I just want to share love and support for Mary Kate as she anticipates the arrival of her daughter (in these final moments before her birth). We welcome her into the world with joy, and we are proud of you Mary Kate for writing a compelling and moving young adult novel while also preparing for the first addition to your growing family. This is a profound blessing and a beautiful moment for our small writers community, and we are all wishing you both well. xo

There is no doubt that this is a busy season, and intense stretch of time for all of us. It is also a time that typically produces some amount of fatigue. With this in mind, I sign off with my weekly reminder to all of you to pace yourselves, and to go gently on yourselves as you set goals and continue to learn.


Dr. Zamora

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