Autumn is Here!

I hope you had a replenishing weekend, that you were able to carve out some time for your thesis work, but also some time to celebrate the changing of the light, and the beauty of the season. I love these early weeks in October, which are so potent when it comes to the mood and tenor of reflection. Fall has always been my favorite season, perhaps because of the sense of passing time, and the shift in light which signals to me pause, change, and harvest.

Speaking of harvest, we are well into our thesis presentation mode, thanks first to Tom, and now to Kelsey. Both creatives have kicked off the thesis-in-progress season with a glimpse into their imaginative work, their process, and their unique individual perspectives. Thanks to Kelsey for her entertaining reading. You are truly funny, and you capture the spirit of an independent young women who is evolving in the wild world of dating and discovery. Maybe It’s Me is a playful project that is sexy and delightful. But it also has the potential to be truly profound and meaningful when it comes to what all this adventure and trial-and-error amounts to. I hope as you continue to develop the story in a way that reveals this important underside of the work, that you bring us to powerful insight. Keep going with the storytelling. I am confident that the adventures of your enigmatic narrator KC will lead us to certain pearls of wisdom.

Autumn’s hues….

Up next! Amber will take us through her work which has evolved significantly since the summer. I am looking forward to hearing more. We will meeting in the same rooms as last week – Room 116 first, and then we can switch to Room 115 next door. Remember that it was really cold in Room 116, so come with some layers, just in case it is the same in there this week.

See you soon!

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