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4/22 – Update

This week I feel confident as I being to go through my final edits and start posting moth blog page. Each day for the next 2 weeks I will be going through my 30 blogs written and my final edits and post them here. I have no particular order but the topics range in different themes for parents and educator alike for different views of tech. I have actually added about 7 different works to my literature review at this time which is basically done. The last 2 weeks I will spend finalizing and posting my blogs. No real updates here just finishing up. I will also edit my logo for my Medium page. That is in the works at his time. The one posted now is temporary.

4/15 Update

This week I have all blogs completed. It’s 25 all together. Overt the next two weeks I will begin posting them to Medium as I edit them. This feels complete as of now and I’m thinking of logo designs now to add to my page to give the entire project a theme. There really isn’t much to update at this time. I will share the link to my medium page. Right now there are 3 competed blogs there. As I work with the design I will ad this to some part of overall synopsis of the thesis and tell why I chose certain things during the finalization of my work.

4/7 – Update.

So I know for sure I will have more than 15 blogs. I am going through my early written blog post trying see the best ones to put with the new ones I have comprised. 10 new ones to go with the 6 I have written and I have about 8 ore I want to write. Below I will put my blog post topics so you can see why I am I having a bit of trouble picking what is most important that I want to share because this topic has many great details in it.

Below you will see the blog topics below I am focusing on and a little detail about each once.

  • Effective Communication Channels Between Parents and Schools: Discuss various communication channels used by schools to keep parents informed about their child’s education, such as newsletters, emails, apps, and parent-teacher conferences. Provide tips for maximizing the effectiveness of these channels.
  • The Role of Technology in Parent-School Communication: Explore how technology facilitates communication between parents and schools, including the use of parent portals, messaging apps, and online gradebooks. Highlight the benefits and challenges of using technology for communication in the educational context.
  • Building Positive Relationships Between Parents and Teachers: Offer advice on fostering positive relationships between parents and teachers, emphasizing the importance of open communication, mutual respect, and collaboration in supporting children’s learning and development.
  • Parent Involvement in School Activities: Discuss the significance of parent involvement in school activities and events, such as volunteering, attending parent-teacher association meetings, and participating in school fundraisers. Share ideas for encouraging and facilitating parent engagement.
  • Parental Engagement Strategies for Busy Parents: Provide practical tips for busy parents to stay engaged in their child’s education despite hectic schedules, including leveraging technology for communication, prioritizing involvement in key school events, and finding alternative ways to support their child’s learning.
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences: Making the Most of the Meeting: Offer guidance to parents on how to prepare for and make the most of parent-teacher conferences, including questions to ask, topics to discuss, and strategies for addressing concerns or questions about their child’s progress.
  • Using Technology to Support Learning at Home: Explore how parents can use technology to support their child’s learning at home, such as accessing educational apps, online resources, and interactive learning platforms. Provide recommendations for age-appropriate educational technology tools.
  • Digital Citizenship and Online Safety Education: Discuss the importance of teaching children about digital citizenship and online safety both at home and in school. Offer resources and strategies for parents and educators to educate children about responsible digital behavior, internet safety, and privacy protection.
  • Parenting in the Age of Remote Learning: Address the unique challenges and opportunities of parenting during periods of remote learning, including managing technology use, supporting children’s remote learning experiences, and maintaining a healthy balance between screen time and offline activities.
  • Parent Workshops on Technology Integration in Education: Explore the idea of organizing parent workshops or webinars focused on technology integration in education, covering topics such as digital literacy, online safety, and strategies for supporting children’s learning with technology at home.
  • Parental Concerns About Screen Time and Technology Use in Schools: Address common parental concerns about excessive screen time and technology use in schools, discussing strategies for finding a balanced approach that maximizes the benefits of technology while mitigating potential drawbacks.
  • Promoting Digital Wellness for Families: Offer tips and resources for promoting digital wellness and healthy technology habits within families, including setting boundaries around screen time, fostering offline connections, and modeling positive tech behaviors as parents.

4/1 – Update

I spent the 2 weeks finalizing my blog post topic list and creating 6 blog post. I have confidently given a lot of thought to the topics, based on my thesis presentation the week prior, as well as just coming to an understanding of the information I want to present to my audience.

I noticed the first blogs I began writing are more on of the overall theme behind my thesis. I wanted to use this time to narrow my topics of each blog to be more specific to the many aspects I can cover with this technology conversation I am trying to engage my audience in.

This weekend I specifically worked on 2 blogs one based on screen time guidelines. I went and did some searching to find research-based recommendations for screen time limits and how parents can effectively manage their young child’s screen time appropriately. I feel this blog can act as a tool for both parents and teachers, as it can set a standard for the use best use of screen time learning opportunities.

The next blog I worked on this weekend looked at the role tech plays in Parent-School communication. This follows the previous blog I spoke about nicely. It speaks on the the ways in which technology helps not only the young children, but the also the parents, who are able to communicate with the school for various reasons.

Overall all I feel as though this 2 weeks was very helpful as I was able to organize my ending strategy to achieve the information I want to present, and the voice I want to use a writer.

2/4 Update

This week bagel the actual planning of how I want to present my thesis as this will be a major part of hw it all comes together. I have decided that the best place to truly showcase my work will be through a WordPress. I want al of my content in one area.

I no longer like my idea of having multiple platforms as it may be to confusing and not truly be a great representation of the development of my thesis. I went ahead and created a new WordPress account strictly for thesis and each week I will begin posing the blogs I have already written to the page.

The actual writing of the blogs is taking me bit as I am going through alot of information to find topics that do not sound the same in context. I want these blogs to each have a unique topic within the realm of how parents introduce their children to tech tools and the ways in which this is enhanced through the Childs education progression.

This week I would like to get some ideas from my peers on the WordPress design and the topics that could be potential blog post. I want some outside opinions, so instead of saying work I will come with a key list of questions for my peers to help me bring my project together as a whole.

Weekly Check In

This week I chose to remain working on my blog post. I feel the end of this week all 15 will be completely so I can start the editing process in March.

Once I get the blogs out of the way I will spend my March piecing together the different social aspects of the projects. I will spend time on the blog post page editing and figuring out the graphics. I will then move on to editing the videos I have to cut out any dead time with the children’s videos to really show the things they are developing while they are in their at home learning environment through tech.

Not really much to update this week as I will share the work in class this evening.

Updates !

This week as it comes to a close this Saturday evening I was able to get through 3 blog post. Again just reiterating my intent in March is to edit all 15 blogs I do and maybe add more to them or even add a few more blogs to go along.

I have become in tune with the parenting side when to comes to dealing with Early childhood tech practices, and how important it is in todays ever growing society. It is very near a dear to me not only because that is what am I exposed to daily with my own children, but the subject does pose great projections with tech advancement, because children are literally our future. The earlier they are exposed to these tools the more advanced society becomes , and this is something history has shown repeatedly.

These there blogs this week shared the them of early introduction to tech and how parents are great influences to this in their young scholars. As a parent I feel I relate to not only a vast majority of other parents, but also I am very close enough in age to still understand and use these new tech practices as they emerge.

This next week I will work on the remaining 8 blogs. That is about 2 blogs between Monday and Friday. I can then do a rough edits of them between Sunday and Monday and next week I will speak about how the edits went when I do my blog.

Other than that there isn’t really much else to tell. I feel as though I am going at a good pace and effort with my work and I have small achievable goals that will soon all start coming together,.

Loving the Feedback

I feel super comfortable in the direction I am going with my thesis. I feel I am truly turning it into something that I not only care a lot about but also something very personal to me. I am able to explore and truly understand things I am genuinely interested in.

Tonight in class it was very helpful receiving positive feedback as I was a little nervous about how it might sound out loud instead of just me reading it myself, and I might say it really gave me a boost on how I was feeling about completing this thesis.

I am genuinely excited to see the completion of my project as it comes to life. I am excited more on how I will be able to present this in different forms to bring it all together.

I do question the next two weeks as I want to complete all of my blogs so I am able to edit them and it is very possible. That is a blog a day until we meet again, then I can take March to really begin to edit and design this project on their different platforms. I do have the vision, but I am excited to see it all come together.

New Week, New Findings.

This week I decided to create a part 1 and part 2 blog to start expressing the obervations I did over the break, and kind of put things into perspective for those whole will start to follow me along on this journey. I want the blogs to represent how my ind is working as I collect new information and why my ideas are the way they are, so I felt by starting with my observations this will give a great insight into why not only this topic is important to me, but also how surrounded by the topic I am at this present time in my life.

Last week I love how Dr. Zamora mentioned that my focus was mainly on the ways young children use technology outside of school, so I have decided that this will be my center focus, and to speak about how this may affect the way students interact with technology in school. I think that as parents we expose our kids to the fundamentals in life and once they start school you are kind of presenting a little person with the views and values you gave them, in a way. As they get more use to school and the training they are receiving they begin to encorporate this things to make them more of who they are. As parents we also learn from our children, so the techniques they learn in school pertaining to technology we try to keep up with them at home. For instance, when Victoria, my 4 year, started school she was using iPad more for play purposes and apps that I found appropriate. Once school was incorporated her teacher gave a lot of great sites to use. her favorite to use at school is ABC Mouse, so now during her screen time at home I make sure to keep this apart of it. It actually makes her more confident in school while using the website because she is now becoming use to the gameplay on the site. Something the teacher noticed as well.

My final blog this week to make 3 will talk about the use of technology to teach letters and numbers on a basic level. I am looking at the ways in which the educational apps I have observed the kids use are teaching them the alphabet and counting 1- 10, or through to 20 depending on age, and how the children do with retaining information in these ways They typically do it with music, song, dance, and it helps with the receptiveness. Children end up singing the alphabet song without truly understanding what each letter represents. As they get older and start school as a parent you begin to see the ways in which they use those songs to remember things they are taught. This basic tool, the alphabet, can now be taught to children through tech in a way they can understand, relate to, and truly enjoy. I feel this is nice to see that children are not only learning, but they are also enjoying that they are learning and want to do it more and more.

These 3 blogs this week are just the beginning of the overall path I am taking to putting together all the information I have found, and I how I plan to continue my research as we move forward through the semester.