4/1 – Update

I spent the 2 weeks finalizing my blog post topic list and creating 6 blog post. I have confidently given a lot of thought to the topics, based on my thesis presentation the week prior, as well as just coming to an understanding of the information I want to present to my audience.

I noticed the first blogs I began writing are more on of the overall theme behind my thesis. I wanted to use this time to narrow my topics of each blog to be more specific to the many aspects I can cover with this technology conversation I am trying to engage my audience in.

This weekend I specifically worked on 2 blogs one based on screen time guidelines. I went and did some searching to find research-based recommendations for screen time limits and how parents can effectively manage their young child’s screen time appropriately. I feel this blog can act as a tool for both parents and teachers, as it can set a standard for the use best use of screen time learning opportunities.

The next blog I worked on this weekend looked at the role tech plays in Parent-School communication. This follows the previous blog I spoke about nicely. It speaks on the the ways in which technology helps not only the young children, but the also the parents, who are able to communicate with the school for various reasons.

Overall all I feel as though this 2 weeks was very helpful as I was able to organize my ending strategy to achieve the information I want to present, and the voice I want to use a writer.