Loving the Feedback

I feel super comfortable in the direction I am going with my thesis. I feel I am truly turning it into something that I not only care a lot about but also something very personal to me. I am able to explore and truly understand things I am genuinely interested in.

Tonight in class it was very helpful receiving positive feedback as I was a little nervous about how it might sound out loud instead of just me reading it myself, and I might say it really gave me a boost on how I was feeling about completing this thesis.

I am genuinely excited to see the completion of my project as it comes to life. I am excited more on how I will be able to present this in different forms to bring it all together.

I do question the next two weeks as I want to complete all of my blogs so I am able to edit them and it is very possible. That is a blog a day until we meet again, then I can take March to really begin to edit and design this project on their different platforms. I do have the vision, but I am excited to see it all come together.