The End . . . For Now.

As I finish up my thesis in progress work to close up this semester I Must say this process has been completed with ease. What I thought would be very overwhelming turned out to actually be something I have completed and can be proud of my work thus far. I can truly see how this thesis is coming along and shaping up to be a work I can be proud of and can be useful to me for years to come.

I hope my efforts are presented well and with next semester right around the corner I will be taking our break to revise the work I have done and add some thoughts from others to my work.

I am excited to see what next semester brings and what else I can add to this thesis to really bring it to life. Most of my break will be spent thinking of new ideas for specially where I will present this work. I am looking at creating a website, which goes along with my tech forward thesis, and linking other pieces into this website. With a multi modal approach I feel this will be the best way to truly capture my thesis idea and bring life to it.

For now I am satisfied with the work I have done and feel I am right on track to start next semester fresh and finish out the rest of my these work strong !

Wrapping Up

With the semester quickly coming to end I can honestly say this has been a great thesis experience. Overall my time management has improved throughout the semester with the realistic expectations I have se for myself. This thesis in progress completion seems very much attainable now as we come to the end, at first I was a little overwhelmed.

At this point and finalizing my actual literature review, still with a fe questions which I will ask later in class today. My annotated bibliography is almost complete. I still have 7 sources that I need to create paragraphs for explaining how they connect to my work.

Over the break I am going to work on creating the social media aspect of my thesis. This will include finding an outlet or few I feel I can connect all together to present my ideas, writing blog post, creating videos and audio over this time as I will have my friends and family around to interview or ask questions, and also looking at other ways to present the information on technology in ECE.

Deadlines people, Deadlines

With the end of the semester quickly approaching, the deadlines gain a mountainous figure. A group project, research paper and a thesis proposal feel like tough fight to win. However, like you will see in my thesis, my father always told me that there is no “you will or you wont”. You’ll just do it and you’ll do it right. Now this may seem encouraging, but not so much when he’s teaching you how to drive and you’re trembling in fear on your first time behind the wheel.

Anyways, I find it hard to divide my time (and self) to everything on my plate. Lately, I find myself thinking that I could just do two classes instead of full time. I could potentially leave the second part of thesis to the fall, and give my self the spring and summer to fully dive into writing the bulk of my thesis. BUT MAMA AINT RAISE NO QUITTER. Though this wouldn’t be quitting more so allowing my self an extension. I am of the belief that diamonds are made under pressure AND to give myself more time to work also introduces the potential to procrastinate more. On we go onto the yellow brick road.

I’ve polished my proposal but still feel it needs more fine tuning. Thankfully, I haven’t looked at my literature review with a sterner lens or I would probably tear it to pieces and start from scratch. I’m glad that we have the option for One-on-One conferences. I need someone different eyes to look upon my work and see the cracks and flaws I cannot.

Session 13: Finished Proposal Draft!

As the title says, I’ve completed the draft for my proposal! During this week’s meeting time, I’m hoping to get some feedback so I know what needs to be changed before final submissions for the semester. I’m almost certain that my “Methods” section needs work; since my work is creative, not academic, I need some help explaining my research in a methodical, academic sense. I’ve done what I could, but I’m sure it can be “leveled-up,” so to speak.

The last parts of the proposal that I had to draft were the “Literature Review” section, where I discussed what I’d found in my research and identified what points Retrograde tackled that other YA fiction on the subject of queerness and religion missed, and the “Potential Outcomes” section. Here I talked about my goal to traditionally publish Retrograde, as this final paragraph shares:

I think that through traditional publication, Retrograde will be able to find its audience and reach those who need the story. As much as my research has informed how I write the characters in Retrograde, it also affirmed my belief that queer kids going to Catholic schools or otherwise growing up in Catholic environments need this book. They need to see a character who goes through struggles similar to theirs, to see that they’re not alone or wrong or disordered. I want to publish this book so it can wind up in the hands of the kids who need it most. I’m proud of my writing and its potential, but at the same time, I am remaining level-headed: I don’t need Retrograde to win awards or reach the tops of bestseller lists or anything like that. For my debut, I would truly be happy if people just enjoy the book and if it manages to make some amount of difference in their lives, even if that difference is simply bringing them a bit of joy, or hope, or changing the way they view things. These are effects that we may view as simple, but I’d argue that they have a large and lasting impact.

In a bit of a surprise, to myself, I also got a burst of inspiration to keep reading more YA novels to put into my annotated bibliography! Over the past week and a half, I’ve read two more, and I’m halfway through a third. I’d had most of these books for a while but hadn’t had the time or motivation to read them. Now, I found myself devouring them. I guess I’m often that way with reading…doing very little reading for a long stretch of time, and then in the course of a week getting consumed by books and reading in big bursts!

Another surprise: I’ve been continuing to work on the second draft. I’m not putting any pressure on myself about it; I’ve already said that I’m planning to finish my second draft over the break, not beforehand, as I’ve got a lot on my plate right now. All the reading, though, has really been inspiring me! I wrote out, longhand (rare for me) a big chunk of a new scene and even got the basic premise for another scene ready to go. This will give me a nice launching point once the break rolls around.

It’s The Final Countdown

December it what I always call the end of the semester rush. It’s literally the most wonderful and stressful time of the year. At the time being, I find myself tying up all loose ends and finishing all of my submissions. Not new updates to really update here other than I am working on my thesis proposal, and my final self-assessment narrative. I look forward to the one-on-one counseling next week to conclude any final thoughts and questions I have. I look forward to closing out this Fall Semester as I anticipate my final semester as a graduate student (eeeekkkkk!) Lots of look forward to, and lots to come. Stay tuned :p

Wrapping up!

Thanks to Jasmine for a walking us through the thesis work you are developing on digital literacies in early childhood education. This is an important focus, and your personal identity as both an EC educator and also a Mom of three little ones, offers an especially rich perspective to pursue this work in depth. I am looking forward to the multimodal development of the project, and I look forward to reading your Literature Review. What does it mean to be a “digitally literate” child in this day and age? What practices (fostered both at home or in school) lead to a well-adjusted happy child who thrives in an increasingly digitized/networked world. So much of this depends on how well a child comes to understand the digital world around them. But exactly what this growth entails is murky, and so Jasmine’s work is positioned as both timely and urgent.

Research Days (Spring 2024)

I would like to encourage all of you to consider presenting some of your work at RESEARCH DAYS 2024 (April 22-24, 2024). Kean Research Days is a campus-wide celebration of faculty-student research and creative activity. This annual event sponsored by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs provides students the opportunity to present their preliminary or completed research and creative activities to the campus community. Registration for “Research Days 2024: Hybrid” will open in January 2024. Please consider sharing some of your thesis work (something to mull over during the break). If you have any questions, you can inquire via email –

Final announcements

Remember that you should be considering your plans for the upcoming break, with an eye towards keeping your thesis “alive” during the long pause in our gatherings (Dec. 19, 2023) until the start of next semester (Jan 16, 2024). I hope you will all take a well deserved rest, and then I hope you can give your work some realistic/modest momentum before late January when I see you again.

Four our final class meeting, we will meet in person in the KUWP office next week on Dec. 12th for one-on-one meetings to touch base before you submit you final work for Thesis Part 1. Please come with any questions you may have so I can help each of you individually with your final preparations to close out the semester. Your final submission is due by Dec. 19th, 2024. I will meet with Jasmine (4:30pm), Erik (4:45pm), Gianna (5:00pm), Jules (5:15pm), and Giselle (5:30pm). That is a loose sense of time, as some sessions may take longer or shorter, depending on the questions/concerns you may have.

Keep going everyone. The light at the end-of-semester “tunnel” can be seen!

Session 12: Writing the Proposal

Over the past week (and weekend), I’ve been working on developing my proposal for Retrograde. I’ll admit, I’d been nervous about this. I wasn’t sure how it was going to come together, and I thought I was going to struggle with it, especially the methodology section. But it really hasn’t been as hard as I thought! I actually sort of enjoyed writing out the “problem” that Retrograde was meant to solve; I think the justification I put together, after doing my research, is pretty meaningful. Here’s the last bit of that:

This project explores the topic of growing up queer and Catholic and examines how a youth might navigate such challenges, allowing real young queer people growing up in such an environment to see themselves in fiction and recognize that they are not alone, nor is there anything “wrong” or “intrinsically disordered” about them, despite what the Church may teach.

I also didn’t have as tough of a time with methodology as I was expecting. I’m eager, though, to talk about it more in our upcoming classes so I can make what I’ve written sound more “professional” and “official,” at any rate. I was able to mention a few methodologies, and I’ve aligned my research with narrative research:

All my research will help me to craft a compelling narrative in-line with real world experiences. This ties me to the tradition of narrative research, in which researchers examine how stories are told to understand how participants make sense of their experiences and use rich descriptions to tie together a sequence of events in hope of creating a cohesive narrative. Of course, my creation will be fictitious, but I will be weaving together elements of the real-world research and experiences that I have collected and analyzed throughout my research for this project.

Aside from refining the sections I already did, all I have left to add to the proposal is the “literature review” section, for which I am going to summarize my findings from my annotated bibliography and identify the gaps in the current writings on my topic, and the “potential outcomes” section, where I am going to talk about my desire to publish Retrograde. Overall, things are coming together quite well, and it hasn’t been nearly as much of a struggle as I feared it would be.

(On a side note, I hope the campus-wide Google Drive outage didn’t hamper anyone too much! I’ve now saved my thesis files such as the annotated bibliography and this proposal onto my laptop proper, as well as the work for all my other classes-in-progress, in case anything like that happens again. It was worrisome…I need to be able to access the finals I’m working on!)

The Roads That Lead Towards The End

As I started writing and developing my proposal, I started feeling drastically unmotivated to write or even read. Although I want to relate this to the brain rot caused by watching T.V. sitcoms (I recently started watching Young Sheldon) it’s most likely to due to the constant deconstruction and reconstruction of a healthy sleep schedule. This paragraph has nothing to do with my thesis progression, but I thought I’d make my situation a cautionary tale. Get your sleep. (and watch Young Sheldon its actually pretty funny)

First update!

Literature Review (completed?)

Since I always like to start with good news, I’m happy to inform everyone that my Literature review is completed. After careful consideration and reading, I condensed it from 18 sources to 16. Still within the requirement thankfully. However, I added a question mark to “completed” since I started wondering if in the second part of thesis I will be able to add sources to this literature review. What if, while writing, I use a term that needs clarifying? Am I adding that to my literature review or just throwing it to my work cited page? question for class I guess. Anyhow since class this week will be online, I will Link my Review here. I’ve allowed comments and encourage that both Dr. Zamora and my classmates to leave their thoughts and criticism.

Second Update

Thesis Proposal.

Initially and unsurprisingly, I wrote my proposal on paper and transferred it onto a Google Docs which can be found here. Even having done the research it was still difficult to convert it into a narrative form. I still only have a draft and it’s still a rough description of my thesis. The prior research section still needs to be edited and needs the articles I will be utilizing turned into narrative form. I feel as if this task will be easier to complete since I completed the literature review. All I have to do is put in the time. Personally, I believe the methodology part can also be developed further.

I’m looking forward to the comments of my peers and to Jasmines presentation. Also, here is a picture of my cat curled up and sleeping on my bed to brighten your day.

What’s the Method?

This week, taking a break from my literature review I drafted up my methodology section for my proposal. Using the guidelines I put together what I have below, hopefully it is okay. Looking forward to feedback on Tuesday’s night class:

For my thesis project, Dr. Zamora recommended employing the autoethnography methodology, a qualitative research approach favored by scholars interested in vividly describing and evoking the intricate tapestry of lived experiences. Autoethnography aims to weave compelling narratives that illuminate specific phenomena encountered in the research setting. When applied to a memoir study, this methodology facilitates a nuanced understanding of the author’s experiences, emotions, and the cultural influences shaping the narrative. Incorporating insights from literature reviews, encompassing works ranging from Emily Ratajkowski’s writings to Sylvia Plath, my scholarly and writer influences play a pivotal role in shaping my own work. These influences guide me as I curate and compose vignettes that collectively narrate my women’s experiences. In alignment with the autoethnography methodology, my reflections on personal experiences and motivations associated with exploring the theme of womanhood form a crucial foundation for my thesis. By infusing emotions linked to pivotal events and considering their intersection with the narrative and my personal identity, I establish a meaningful connection between this research methodology and my thesis. Autoethnography enables a harmonious integration of my personal experiences with relevant literature and theories. Delving into how scholars, writers, and researchers have approached similar themes related to my topic has proven invaluable. This exploration serves to position my memoir within the broader context of existing academic discourse, fostering a more profound engagement with the subject matter.

The final few weeks of Part 1, MA Thesis

It is officially December!

We are now looking at about a three weeks remaining until the close of the first half of your thesis project, so each of you really needs to envision how this last push will unfold in your schedule. I am confident that each of you is holding this reality at the forefront of your mind, but there is still a lot between now and then to address in completing your proposal document, your Lit Review (in-progress) document, and your Final Self-Assessment & Portfolio. I think that it might be beneficial to make a specific schedule at this point in time, to understand how that time will be best used to make the deadline. Please map out the next 3 weeks specifically, understanding what goal is central to each week left on our semester timeline.

Dec 5 Conferencing; Jasmine’s presentation 

Dec 12 Conferencing; final concerns before submission

Dec 19 Deadline for proposal submission

Remember that at this stage you can bring in drafts of your proposal work, your methodologies section of your proposal, or even your Lit Review, as a way to get early peer feedback as you prepare for final Fall Semester Portfolio submission.

Please remember to blog your weekly progress report! And I will see you all virtually next Tuesday at our regular time. Jasmine will present her work thus far. I will send you all a link before class.