Machines Are The New Human

” But the idea of super intelligent machines with their own agency and decision- making power is not only far from reality- it distracts us from the real risks to human lives surrounding the development and deployment AI systems.” I want to start with this quote from “The Exploited Labor Behind Artificial Intelligence” article, simply because this offers the best assessment to the entire AI talking realm. In movies and television we have seen some options of the end of the world being robots taking over the world, and humans became slaves. Literally this is not true, but figuratively this is slowly something that can become possible. I always think of WALL-E whenever disgusting AI. The technology took care of the people in that world so much that they knew how to do nothing without a screen in front of their faces and became slaves to the robots who were caring for them. If they moved out of line or did anything out of order the humans were quickly corrected, and the robots were in control of order. That is no different as it comes to talking about jobs and career related issues.

Looking at job security now can start to look a bit shaky. During covid we were able to see a big change in how you can easily replace the daily office with at home work with the use of technology. This has created a great deal of benefits for both the business and the employees. With this shift it truly shows how great a service technology is actually doing and how well we are advancing with technology. Now with us working from home I can easily see how businesses who have may have seen a huge saving from having workers WFH, can see how AI technology can help them save more if they no longer have to depend on humans for their labor. This can increase the revenue for the businesses, and BUSINESS is all about earning money. If as a business you see something causing your profit margin to grow you are more likely to do it.

Taking a look at the music industry, which is a very big business, songwriters, producers, and engineers, which are very influential authentic parts to the production of music, can have questionable jobs at this point. There was a full AI rapper created and he was an example of the entire culture and even had a feature with a premium artist. A gaming company was behind the production of the rapper and even was Abel to sign his deal. Is this an Authentic artist and should he be help to the same standards of those who have worked hard int he music industry and created their own works? This is the question AI poses as it slowly replaces humans. The control will come from the idea that we as humans were the ones programming it to know everything about us, so in some way by using our phones, and different social apps, or regular apps we are feeding into the total control AI will have over us all.