Coming Along Well…

My thesis is coming along well! I have most of my Literature Review done, which is arduous for me and something that I find quite difficult to keep my attention stimulated for. A good deal of repetition is to be expected within such an assignment in nature alone.

As for the actual thesis, THESIS, I have forty pages drafted, over half of which are ready to be read by the professor cooperating on me with it. I should have the other twenty finalized within the next week.

More sources have been discovered that I have on my queue to look through, though a good deal may be disregarded because the stories planned to tell are already abundant in number – inclusion all depends on quality. More specifically, the quality of each source as they relate to the thematic tie-in of masculinity (I’ll keep further context vague here because that’s more fun for anyone who may eventually reads it – I don’t like to give things away) that runs throughout my project.

Besides all that, an electronic component is being worked on, and should be completed well-enough for submission in my e-lit course, and perhaps it will be something that I can further deepen later on within the following semester.

That is all for now, so for now, enjoy the now.