Session 12: Final Project Update

Hello everyone! My part of our class’s final project, a remix of Disney princesses, is coming along well. As you all know, I’m doing a remix of Rapunzel’s story. I’ve completed the whole story by now and am doing some editing work on it. Aside from that, I’ve also made up a draft of my author bio. All that I have left to do for my personal part of the project is finalizing the story, finishing the moldboard (which I’m going to work on in class tomorrow), and doing my self-assessment narrative. As far as the project as a whole goes, I’m going to help out tomorrow as we all do our author statement, I will help with anything else that needs to be done (such as proofreading), and Giselle and I will work on the front-page visual. I’m glad that everything is wrapping up for the semester and that I’m almost done! I hope everyone is in similar states and that they’re not getting too overwhelmed. Just know that the end is in sight 🙂