A Slight Shift in Focus

As I’ve been getting feedback on my thesis and writing away. I’ve been thinking about the purpose of my novel. I finally have an answer and thankfully it’s not too late.

The novel represents the education system and The Organization represents everything that we should have learned in schools that would have been useful life skills. Though, the highest ranking subjects are: fighting, hacking, poisons, weaponry, and linguistics. (This is what the novel will focus on.) Over the years, people felt it was more important to focus on those as they are more prevalant in society and students loved them more than anything else.

With that said, I do have to shift my research to look at the education system, standardized tests, amd rules and laws within the eduaction system.

The fun part will be dedicating this weekend to diving head first into the ocean of available research in hopes of finding valuable sources. (High hopes for a 48 hour period but I got this!) The not so fun part will be actually reading it over the next week and churning out a literature review.

The main goal for this week(end) is to get those sources, then the next goal is to read through and write a literature review. Last step is to write the novel, which I feel like may be the easiest but I’ve never written a novel and mt creativity isn’t very on demand – it comes when it wants, usually in the middle of the night.