A Lil’ LIST 4 ALL of U

This pic is so tough whenever I see it my motivation goes ^^^^

So there is this prompt that is automatically provided each time I type up one of these blogs, and I just decided to actually focus on it now! I’ve been doing these for a good while, so why not?

This one is “list five things you’re good at.” I’ll do three!

  1. Getting Random Bursts of Writing Vigor: A little known secret about me is that I rarely put things together piece by piece. Fortunately, despite the fact that I only write when such a tasks feels like the exact thing that I want to do in any given moment, that moment always comes before an assignment is due. This is not to claim that I don’t revise and edit and trudge through arduous aspects of writing when needed, but to write stuff I need a spark. I can almost feel it build up over time, like, “in 5 days I’ll be ready.” It may come sooner, or after, but my guestimation is never far off. Like working out, I just do what feels right. So I’m good at seducing my muse is what I’m saying if you think that way.
  2. Marathons: I touched on this prior, I’m good at trudging through the arduous aspect of writing, of which can simply be writing a lot. Whenever I run I literally run until I puke, no stopping. I guess the pain makes me feel alive or something edgy like that, whatever, it is eye-opening stuff. Writing is the same way, but I gotta be careful. On Saturday I came in with that burst mentioned prior, but a thought fly came to mind, and rather than writing about my thesis I wrote about people that mean a good deal me. Right here, right now. I didn’t even notice that six hours went by. Gotta be careful more often I guess.
  3. Writing to Music: This one may be a bit of a cop out, but it is really important, because I always write to music, which reflects. If I’m listening to a 15 minute tool song with gradual builds and near-orgasmic/through gouging climaxes, my writing may represent this quality. If I’m listening to a Tyler, the Creator track from his post-’17 era of substantial quality, expect something flowery, more symmetrical, curious, even sentimental idk. I can guide influence well without it being intentional, but organic. This is my favorite aspect of my writing.

A little something different for this week, but how my week has gone regarding my thesis writing is all there, maybe not in a super direct way. but sometimes I gotta have a little bit of fun with these or I’ll feel like Groundhog Day (1993) and that ain’t the wave.