Crunch Time

As the semester starts to wrap up I am kicking it into high gear! I have one last article to work through for the semester and then I will be editing and writing the rest of the time. I have over 50 pages but they aren’t cohesive. I plan to work on these and write a few more scenes to end with 15-30 cohesive pages.

I think that working from the middle or the main plot points is what will be helpful. I will be looking through my outline and choosing to two points and trying to write everything that connects them. Might do this twice depending on the length so I will either have two sets of 15 pages (or so) that are cohesive or one long 30 page cohesive project.

I will also start flushing out my lit review. I have notes on each of my sources and why they are important, etc. Now I just need to put it in narrative form and flush it out a little more.

It was a nice week off, but now it is officially crunch time!