Goals versus Accomplishments

So, I didn’t meet my goal which was to continue working through this book.

However, I have been writing a lot on the project and getting feedback on scenes, so while I haven’t “met my goal,” I have been accomplishing a lot.

I am in a writing mood today and have been this week so I am looking forward to getting more words down!

I do want to work my through this book because I know it will be extremely helpful, but I am also okay with that being a slower process than I anticipated.

An Update After A While

It feels like it’s been a month since the last update. In the past two weeks, I’ve been reading through my research and trying to figure out what would help most. I made a presentation to dive further into my thesis in progress. I finally know what I’ll be reading when I share a reading.

My next steps are to keep finding sources and writing more. I’m hoping that the research can also give me ideas to help the story more. I want the novel to be as realistic as possible but also it’s not going to be real enough that it could happen in real life.