Editing is Slow and Tedious

I just finished editing essay one. I feel like I have been editing this essay for the past three weeks… because I have been. I think I am happy with the way the essay turned out. I will be more excited to see the project in its final state. I am going to link helpful books and sources within my essays to allow the reader easy access to the documents and books that I found helpful. With a digital medium I’ll even be able to put in Amazon links to books that are available for purchase.

The only thing I need to include in essay one are pictures from my classroom. I have written notes and highlighted them within my essay to give my graphic designer (aka my sister) pointers about how I want the product to look. I will need to give my classroom a little makeover before taking classroom photos. I have three roommates this year and I’ll just say they are not the most organized roommates.

Pictures to Take: Help Yourself Shelf, Popsicle Stick Jars, Quote Wall, Desk Arrangement, Bookshelf, etc.

Tonight I will be working on editing essay two and finding a few sources that connect to the body of my essay. I included citations for three articles on within class grouping, a hyperlink to an SEL writing prompt website, and a citation for an SEL book in essay one. The goal is to have about 2-3 sources for each essay.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com