The Time Has Come!

I am finally here! My last semester of graduate school! I can’t believe time has flown so quickly, it feels like just yesterday when I started my Masters program seeing everyone’s faces in little boxes on Zoom. Interestingly enough though, it also seems like forever. My winter break was productive, since I was able to complete a full rough draft of my novel. I cut it down from the expected 25-26 chapters to about 21. There were things I realized could be meshed into one chapter, and I didn’t want to drag out any details if there was no need to. I started practicing my Spanish again on Duolingo, since I am actively seeking out a full-time teaching position for the 22-23 school year. The more languages I know (or least kind of know), the better for me professionally. In terms of my thesis, considering I was hit hard with the flu over the break makes me happy that I was able to still get work done. I guess the idea of May coming soon is a significant motivation factor.

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But, although I have my rough draft done, there is still a lot that has to be done. This semester will focus on editing and revising. Oh, and one element I forgot to mention. I added images into my book, just to make it a little bit more visual instead of just text. That’s always something that can be taken out of course, but I liked the idea of it. It was something I decided to include over break, and they are images that are licensed to be shared and modified commercially, so I made sure to filter out Google (don’t worry!) January is almost over, so there’s no point saying what my goals are for this month, but these are my intentions for my thesis to be done and ready to submit by early May!

February: Edit and revise Chapters 1-8

March: Edit and revise Chapters 9-18

April to 3rd week of April: Edit and revise Chapters 19-21

End of April: Finalize look, cover, content and images (if applicable)

By May 1st (personal deadline): upload manuscript on Amazon and publish as an eBook and paperback, submit thesis as paperback novel.

I hope this achieve these goals without any issues, and am looking forward to perfecting my story (although a story can always be better). All focus on this, because now, the time has come!