Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice

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After Wednesday’s class and a few days of thinking, I am ready to get back into my writing. I am looking forward to Wednesday’s class, plugging in my headphones, and getting into the draft of essay 5.

What feels comforting about moving into essay 5 is having confirmation that what I knew I was doing or feeling was correct in terms of my work in progress being a literature review. I was under that assumption in research and methodology, but I kept turning and twisting away from that methodology. Dr. Zamora was able to swiftly point out that my work is in fact a literature review that will bridge the gap between theory and practice. I have been conducting research on my own while perfecting my craft, in professional development for the past 15 years, and thoroughly in the spring semester for research and methodology.

I will be using my time in class to draft out my essays using my authentic narrative voice to make sure that I do not lose my voice while infusing research. Dr. Zamora suggested reading over the Developing a Literature Review Guide on the class website. Once again, after looking at the lit review guide and discussing this process with Dr. Zamora I feel that I have a good grasp on the literature review and that I will actually have to scale back what I have already started. I have about 15 sources in my literature review and about 20 physical books that I will need to scan from my professional development workshops. .. I may just toss a new book in my school bag each Wednesday and peruse the resource before class.

I am going to write the first half of chapter 5 on Wednesday evening and I will work on collecting and building the literature review as I come across resources that align with my literature review. I have a ton of resources that I need to comb through to pull out the best sources to support my theory. I have a great wealth of knowledge from my practice, now, I just need to remember and find the influences that helped refine my craft.

Despite feeling a bit unsteady last week, I think that a second full week of work and school will allow me to feel a bit more balanced. I need a routine to get my creative writing flowing.

I am excited to have a small supportive group within the thesis course and to have students in my classroom to bounce ideas off as I am writing my essay drafts.

The Freedom to Do…

Second Blog Final Thesis

So much has happened this week.  My final hearing happened.  I am finally free.  There is nothing the school district can do to harm me or my reputation any further.  I mention this because it is relevant to my final thesis project.  I know what it feels like to have your freedom torn from you.  I spent five days locked up with drug addicts and sex offenders and I don’t even have a parking ticket on my record.  I know what it feels like to have former friends lie in order to cover up for larger crimes.  I know what it feels like to come really close to losing everything.

            I mention this because it’s what drives each of my stories.  I will eviscerate all of the evil I have endured in countless pages of fiction.  I will bring images to life right off the written page. I will undo all the bad with something I hope will be truly wonderful.  I would like this to be a mix of old meets new.  I was again thinking about my own work in that three-screened room.  But then I thought about simple story telling.  Imagine teaching young minds the Three Little Pigs in that room.  The class could individually explore the lives on each pig up close and in any order.  The screens could fill with other lessons as the main focus goes on. Group work could be accomplished together, up close and in one location.  Groups working in front of interactive screens.  The groups don’t move the education does.  This would advance classroom management techniques.

            I want this for my thesis.  I want readers to enjoy my stories but then take a ride into the universe.  I want readers to be able to see beyond the tale.  I have collected additional lessons and websites that link to the sites that correspond to each story of my thesis.  I was also able to separate my Literary Review into categories I think will be managed as well as potentially interactive.  It’s looking something along these lines:


  • First Fleet
  • Colonization in film and the media
  • History of Japan


  • Book of Enoch
  • King James Version of The Bible: Book of Revelations


  • Tengu
  • Kali
  • Baphomet

Electronic Media and Digital References:

  • Hunt for the Gay Planet, ZORK, others
  • Portrayal of colonization in the media
  • Portrayal of colonization in video games and graphic novels

I believe that once I have all of my items sited correctly I am hoping, with Dr. Zamora’s approval, to write about the works listed under each title collectively in one statement.  This idea might give way to making the Literary review Interactive.  Readers will look over the collective statement then journey outward from the review to the Internet where they can view the source material in full.  Some of the works sited are quite interactive in and of themselves.  I think this idea might give my work, from beginning to end, a “perpetualness” that keeps all of the works moving and growing.