End in Sight

I have finally finished all my chapters!! I can’t believe it! This project was as much for my readers as it was for me. Rethinking and reliving many of experiences proved to be very therapeutic and cathartic for me. To watch my project evolve from an idea from last summer, to an entire thesis project has been amazing. Honestly, I doubted myself many times. I wasn’t sure I was cut out for this and I wasn’t sure that I was the one that should take on this work. But I’m so glad and proud of myself for sticking through it all, staying committed and doing the work. I’m proud of all of us.

I still have some minor work to complete. This week I am working on my farewell letter to end my book and starting my final revisions and edits. But the end is definitely in sight!

“Just write it for you…”

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Sage advice from a dear friend. These last few weeks I’ve been very open and honest about the wall I’ve hit in my writing journey. I’m not exactly sure why? Maybe I’m trying to prolong the inevitable? That this journey will soon be coming to an end (oh, vey!). Maybe to try and stop my story from being told? I don’t have the answers, but I know that, this sound advice from my friend: “Just write it for you…” came at the most perfect time. Before the panic and the dread of having to complete my story within the next two weeks set in. Or before I had a total meltdown or existential crisis (whichever came first) that would hinder my writing. This simple sentiment was impactful and spurred me into the direction I needed to go in to reach the completion of my thesis. Sometimes a simple word from a friend, that may seem benign, is all the inspiration you need to just keep going. I would be nothing without my support system. I thank God for them everyday. Having said that, below I attached images of The Seashell. My idea was to make it look as much as an actual book as I possibly can. Below I included the cover, a dedication, a important quote that I believe speaks to my overall story and finally the Table of Contents, the parenthesis will be removed soon. I will also include an Acknowledgements page at the end, which I’m currently working on. Thanks again for all the encouragement along the way guys! I’m so very proud of each and every one of us! Xo.

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The Chronicles of an Educator and a Graduate Student During Pandemic Learning

Google Images, 19 April 2021

Wearing a Mask for 6 Hours a Day and Revisiting my Literature Review

Monday, April 19, was the first day of a regular in-person school day. It was nice to see my students, but I also saw the repercussions of remote learning, which is the addictive urge to be on one’s phone, checking notifications. I had to remind my students, even the best of them, to put their phones away. Trust me, I have also developed this nasty habit of checking my phone when I am bored. By being mindful of my habit will help me, along with my students, to break this habit. Also, I am getting used to wearing a mask for the entire work day: from 7AM to 2:30 PM. At the end of the day, I rush to my car at the end of the day, I rip off my mask. It is difficult to teach with a mask on. Throughout the day, I find myself struggling to communicate with the students.

“Can you repeat that?”

“What did you say?”

In response to this problem, I find myself using my visuals, more slides, more JamBoards, more written words.

As for my research proposal, I went to check to see if there were any updates in my research areas of online grammar checkers that was not already noted on my Literature Review. And I could not find any other research. So, I spent more time revising and editing my Master’s Thesis in preparation for peer review tonight.

Thank You

After presenting last week, I felt the weight come off my shoulders. I appreciate everyone being supportive as I struggled at times to get the words out of my mouth. It has been a struggle to get through this work. Both emotionally and physically. It is now time to begin putting my final touches on it.

It sounds funny, but I feel like I devoted so much of my time into this work, and I slacked from my other classes this semester. I think that I put my research ahead of all other things and made it my priority. All I know is that in just a few weeks, this journey will be behind me and I’m looking forward to what ever the future may hold for me.

For those getting ready to start their thesis in the coming year, please heed the advice from this video.