the windup

What a pleasure to close our thesis presentation series with Ryan’s work and his reading. Ryan (like all of you in different ways) has had many twists and turns along the road to completion of this big and demanding project. I am struck by the significance of his work, the courage of his auto-ethnographic narrative accounts, the diligence involved in the research, and the edifying results of his iterative revision processes all along. It was a fine way to close our showcase and “share-out process”, and I congratulate him on the moment.

At this stage, it is very gratifying to step back and marvel at how far all of your work has come, and to recognize how much it has evolved, and see it through this final stage now. It is indeed true that guiding you to completion has been a bit like looking at all of you in the hedge maze from a sky view, ….knowing you will all somehow find your way through with hard work. Knowing that with determination and steady work, you will each make it to the exit, solving the meandering puzzle of this exstensive writing journey.

Green bushes maze view from above for garden.

Next week we will take the time to answer any last minute editorial/revision questions, discuss your last stage steps in the process, and we can also “scale out” to reflect on the overall process of writing an MA thesis (i.e. a synthetic lens on your work).

We will also try to make use of some “peer feedback time”, so please come prepared with an approximate 10 minute “reading” to share with a peer in breakout rooms. Your peer pairings will offer the opportunity to receive further feedback on some lingering questions or concerns you might have about certain aspects of your work. I will provide a feedback protocol so that this time can be useful and effective for all of you.

See you all on Tuesday!