Update 2/2

This week, I took time to set a true outline to my work.  This has been a very positive experience for me as far as me getting the major flow of the story squared away.  I was a bit lost at first as far as formatting and those kinds of things go, but what I decided to do was create a 5 scene description.  Basically, I am showcasing what the 5 major parts of the story are.  Admittedly, I did not include all of the details and elements of each scene, as I do not want to feel blocked in or attached to these things as I create moving forward.  With all of research done and creating a really good template for me to start with, I feel like I am ready to begin attacking this work and creating my story from the ground up.  I look forward to continuing this work in class tonight and hearing from my fellow thesis writers to hear about their progress.  It is always inspiring and makes me want to continue with my momentum (the best I can). 

A New Lead?

Thank you, The Big Lebowski

This past week we discussed grounding my thesis in autoethnographic theory, which I believe to be a good idea and am looking forward to applying the methodology to my writing. Having taken Dr. Nelson’s research methodology course I found that autoethnography was one of my preferred forms of research despite it having nothing to do with my particular research proposal for that class. I went back to Dr. Nelson’s syllabus for the class which thankfully I did not have to rely on Blackboard for since the class is no longer accessible there, and found his list of readings for us. I’ve taken some extensive notes on one of the articles but am going to look through the others to see what else I can glean from them.

It does so often turn out that inspiration can come from the most surprising of places, and of this inspiration I am not referring to autoethnography. Last week in my other course, the Writing for the Workplace business writing course, I became inspired! We were discussing letter writing, and while I do have an interest in letters generally and turn to stationary for occasions, I was surprised at how excited I was by our reading. We read a brief account of the traditions of letter writing from the classical Greek thought to its modern form of emails and I believe there is a trace of what I am going for in that theory. There is a strong interpersonal connectedness that exists in a letter, one which precedes the content and instead starts with the intent.

Thought pertaining to letters has changed over the millennia of course, so the purpose and importance placed on the craft has changed as well; diminished is a better word for it but it isn’t a judgment, it makes sense given the course of history. That being said, there is still a wealth of tradition and very serious consideration for what makes a letter a unique piece of writing that I am very interested to follow up on. The soul in the letter, authorial voice, the role of the recipient, etc., these are things akin to the journaling I am doing to produce my story. Perhaps an epistolary style would work as well? If not entirely instead of journaling then maybe in conjunction with it? It is a question answerable by continuing to write and continuing to research but it is exciting.

Progress Report

What a crazy week it has been. After receiving a round of epidurals in my lower back, I have been very ornery. It is not on purpose, just the way I am. My apologies to those that have had to deal with me. You would think that after having the shots I would feel better. Well this stubborn mule just threw any progress out the window these past 24 hours. With all of this wet, heavy snow, approximately 13 inches by me, my back is on fire from all of the shoveling.

Fear not though colleagues’, I am still managing to sit here with the laptop and I’m doing my best to refocus my attention. After our meeting last week, I have spent some time working on the organizational aspect of my thesis. I have two different options in front of me now. By waiting for survey results to start coming in, I am still moving forward in my own autoethnography aspects. If I have learned anything in the past, it is not to wait on others to make progress. It can be hard to move forward not getting what your looking for, but I can not just simply sit here and wait.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow. Stay well and be careful out there.