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ok_to_move_forwardYou are on your way now.

We have all gained some momentum in our one-on-one conferences for the past few weeks.  Each of you has an individualized plan for the semester – some of you are in the editorial and proofreading phase, some of you are in the discovery and invention phase, and some of you are in the writing/implementation phase.  These conferencing moments will be key to your continued progress.  With that support in place, what is most crucial is your own dedication to your work in a steady committed fashion.  Map out your own timeline, and  schedule your “thesis work” time into your weekly schedule.

Each of your reflection blogs has been a pleasure to read – remember they serve as an important record of your process throughout and can also be a component of your final thesis submission (sort of like a process-oriented appendix).

For my new thesis students, keep in mind the benchmarks to complete this semester: -Early Proposal, -Lit Review, -Methodology.  Please remember that the writing and research process for a project like this is inherently more intuitive and unscripted than the mere adherence to such benchmarks, but they are in place (for now) in order to GENERATE the foundation for the work.

Here is a link to the peer review protocol.  Soon you will have some weekly conference time to conduct a peer review session.  I plan to have you all participate in a round-robin peer review session of each other’s work on October 25th.  We will make sure to coordinate a swap of key thesis materials to complete this work.  In short, you will continue to revise your own work, but take a pause to work together in order to receive the benefit of peer feedback.  Remember to please respond as a fellow writer and as a reader, in a spirit of helpfulness and respect.  Share observations of what you notice in your colleagues proposal and/or draft work, but also share observations of what you notice occurs inside of you as you read the writer’s text.  What questions emerge? What connections do you make as a result of the writer’s inquiry? I believe this approach to feedback will be helpful to each of you.

Looking forward to continuing our conference style seminar with each of you.  I will share with you the parameters of the peer view session  during our earlier meetings this month.

See you soon,

Dr. Zamora

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