Wrapping up!

Thanks to Jasmine for a walking us through the thesis work you are developing on digital literacies in early childhood education. This is an important focus, and your personal identity as both an EC educator and also a Mom of three little ones, offers an especially rich perspective to pursue this work in depth. I am looking forward to the multimodal development of the project, and I look forward to reading your Literature Review. What does it mean to be a “digitally literate” child in this day and age? What practices (fostered both at home or in school) lead to a well-adjusted happy child who thrives in an increasingly digitized/networked world. So much of this depends on how well a child comes to understand the digital world around them. But exactly what this growth entails is murky, and so Jasmine’s work is positioned as both timely and urgent.

Research Days (Spring 2024)

I would like to encourage all of you to consider presenting some of your work at RESEARCH DAYS 2024 (April 22-24, 2024). Kean Research Days is a campus-wide celebration of faculty-student research and creative activity. This annual event sponsored by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs provides students the opportunity to present their preliminary or completed research and creative activities to the campus community. Registration for “Research Days 2024: Hybrid” will open in January 2024. Please consider sharing some of your thesis work (something to mull over during the break). If you have any questions, you can inquire via email – researchdays@kean.edu

Final announcements

Remember that you should be considering your plans for the upcoming break, with an eye towards keeping your thesis “alive” during the long pause in our gatherings (Dec. 19, 2023) until the start of next semester (Jan 16, 2024). I hope you will all take a well deserved rest, and then I hope you can give your work some realistic/modest momentum before late January when I see you again.

Four our final class meeting, we will meet in person in the KUWP office next week on Dec. 12th for one-on-one meetings to touch base before you submit you final work for Thesis Part 1. Please come with any questions you may have so I can help each of you individually with your final preparations to close out the semester. Your final submission is due by Dec. 19th, 2024. I will meet with Jasmine (4:30pm), Erik (4:45pm), Gianna (5:00pm), Jules (5:15pm), and Giselle (5:30pm). That is a loose sense of time, as some sessions may take longer or shorter, depending on the questions/concerns you may have.

Keep going everyone. The light at the end-of-semester “tunnel” can be seen!

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