We are on our way!

Great to see you and begin your second semester of MA Thesis. This is the final stretch. There is ample work ahead. Yet, you have finished all the ground work to complete this, and you have the time and support needed to get there. (All of this is built into this semester’s seminar design). As you know, we will continue to use this website as our central location for the work, and we will meet weekly to check in and consider your steady progress, in order to get to the finish line and your MA degree.

For next week:

Write your first blog of this Spring semester.  Circle the wagons, and take stock of where you have been, and where you think you need to go.  Map out a semester plan for progress.  Be specific.  

Plan to conference with me based on your submission from last semester.  I will speak with each of you individually regarding the work you submitted last semester, and the plan for this semester.  

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