Updates in mid September

UnknownJust a “check-in” to all of you as you each continue to progress through your individual research work:

1.  I want to remind everyone to BLOG WEEKLY as a way to archive your research practices reflectively.  I think this is an important aspect of keeping continually engaged, and in addition, I am able to keep up with your ongoing work.

2.  Remember that in “off” weeks (i.e. non-conference weeks) you still have your small groups for support and I have distributed a peer review protocol for the Early Proposal work.  You should be connecting together to offer peer feedback as you continue with your independent work.

3.  The question of sharing your work publicly came up in one of the small group conferences when we were discussing the option of final publication of your thesis work on the open web.  How can one ensure appropriate intellectual attribution of their own work on the open web?  I am including here information on Creative Commons which helps you legally share your knowledge and creativity to build a more equitable, accessible, and innovative world.  Please consider a Creative Commons license for your web based work:

More information is HERE on how to create a free, easy-to-use copyright license which provides a simple, standardized way to give you permission to share and use your creative work.

So far I am excited and impressed with the early work that I have read.  Looking forward to meeting with my next working group soon.


Dr. Zamora

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