The semester homestretch

We are nearing the home stretch for this phase of your thesis writing for now, and it always wonderful to touch base with you for our weekly google hangout “check-in”. It seems crazy, but we only have two more weeks left in the semester after this one. I am hoping you are all continuing to cope as best you can in this really difficult time.

This small thesis group has been hit pretty hard by the virus in personal ways. I want to encourage each one of you to keep going. For Christina, she is now in the final phases of her work. Her inquiry work on fan culture, fan writing, & fandom experience has always been accomplished. Despite the fact that her project is informed by a theoretical and scholarly understanding, it is also deeply connected to her unique wisdom and her experiential knowledge. This is what makes an extraordinary thesis project. I cheer her on to her own finish line, and I cheer the rest of you to keep going too. May you gain ground on your writing journey in the next couple of weeks, and I hope this will lead to a productive summertime as a writers-in-home-residence!

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