The final few weeks of Part 1, MA Thesis

It is officially December!

We are now looking at about a three weeks remaining until the close of the first half of your thesis project, so each of you really needs to envision how this last push will unfold in your schedule. I am confident that each of you is holding this reality at the forefront of your mind, but there is still a lot between now and then to address in completing your proposal document, your Lit Review (in-progress) document, and your Final Self-Assessment & Portfolio. I think that it might be beneficial to make a specific schedule at this point in time, to understand how that time will be best used to make the deadline. Please map out the next 3 weeks specifically, understanding what goal is central to each week left on our semester timeline.

Dec 5 Conferencing; Jasmine’s presentation 

Dec 12 Conferencing; final concerns before submission

Dec 19 Deadline for proposal submission

Remember that at this stage you can bring in drafts of your proposal work, your methodologies section of your proposal, or even your Lit Review, as a way to get early peer feedback as you prepare for final Fall Semester Portfolio submission.

Please remember to blog your weekly progress report! And I will see you all virtually next Tuesday at our regular time. Jasmine will present her work thus far. I will send you all a link before class.

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