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I am glad we took a bit of time to check in this week. This transition time has not been easy for all of us, and I think there is a lot to consider that is effecting the way we feel, about the world, and consequently, about our work too. I mentioned reading something about “pandemic flux syndrome” in class, which I think is an interesting attempt to pin down the general malaise and languish that we are experience at this point. I hope we can keep our well being front and center as we proceed through this time and the thesis process together. It is critical to understand your own energy levels, and the things that help you replenish surge capacity, and the things that are really taking a toll. Here is a helpful reference point, which Kelsey shared with us in a tweet a year ago, but we should remember these days as well:

Taking care of yourself, by measuring your energy as it ebbs and flows

Here are our agenda slides from last class:

I am glad we settled our calendar for thesis presentations, and I am also glad we have something to look forward to when Tom kicks this presentation round robin off in our Visualization & Immersion room. I have booked the space for us, so we can meet there next Wednesday at 4:30pm. I have also pointed towards the presentation protocols/guidelines informally, but you can all read this document to get a clear understanding when it is your turn to prepare for this presentation.

Moving forward…..

Remember – for some of you have already embarked on the thesis journey, I have directed you to consider the Lit Review process at this stage, and perhaps your work should now center on developing a solid draft of this element of your thesis process.

For some who are really in earlier stages of thesis development, I have directed you to think about developing a proposal document with you can work on continuously throughout this semester, as you develop your work. This process of articulating your thesis proposal will help you in starting to map your thesis project effectively.

Each of you should have an idea about what would be productive for you to accomplish this week. I think your blog should articulate a goal (what will I get accomplished this week for thesis), and the blog should also report out on how that is actually going, and what parts of that goal setting have you been able to accomplish. Remember – your weekly blog is a self-assessment/progress report to the thesis community. It helps keep you accountable and reflective about what is working or not working.

Have a restful weekend. I will see you all next Wednesday!

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