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This blog will be short but sweet. I am catching up. I have been in a bit of a personal fog. Admittedly, I am functioning effectively in a general sense (both personally and professionally speaking “I am back”). As per usual, I am meeting many responsibilities, and responding to many demands on my time and attention, but I am also bearing through a lot of doubt resulting from both grief and stress. It is a hard time. Something I have come to understand lately is that I am not alone in this experience. Last Friday I directed/facilitated a forum on “Inclusive Teaching” for Kean University faculty, and the thing that came rising to the surface in the overall conversation was the extraordinary pressure faculty are experiencing in this transition time. We are back in school, but people are not necessarily whole, and it changes the dynamics of classroom learning. If you are experiencing a lull in your work, or some bumps in the personal road to fulfillment and clarity, understand it is not something unusual in that others too are struggling. With this in mind, I thought I would share a little reminder about self care. Because writing a thesis in the midst of this pressure ridden time is hard:

About where we have been, and what is next…

I want to thank Jessie for an engaging and inspiring glimpse into her thesis fiction project. What was originally inspired by a former short story, has grown into a love story that also serves as a portrait of personal growth and internal evolution. I love the title “The I of the Storm”. Sometimes a title can be like an anchor guiding a vision to completion. Our discussion especially regarding the choices between 1st and 3rd person narrative perspectives became a thoughtful way in to understanding what Jessie’s contribution will be here.

Up next – Diana will take us through her progress on “Everything Must Go”. I am looking forward to her overview, as I know how much this work has developed over time.

Let’s take a look at the presentation schedule together as well, and make sure we are on track to hear from everybody on dates that work for everyone remaining.

See you soon!

Dr. Zamora

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