Shaping an early sense of the MA Thesis project

Shaping a sense of the project….

Some of you are just starting the process of discovery and invention for this thesis project. And some of you are well on your way, and have various elements “in the can.” At this stage, we have taken a look at the “Early MA Proposal” document shared on this site.  I will continue to speak with each of you this week about your project ideas, and that should serve as the basis for the formal articulation of your project in proposal form.  At this stage, you should be in the process of capturing some of your “project vision”. Please follow the guidelines posted in the Early MA Thesis Proposal Document in order to get the most out of this exercise.

Since you are each at various stages in the overall process, this week during class time we will touch base with all three projects and learn from each other as each project takes shape or (shapes up with more nuance and specificity) in a unique way. Each of you can learn something from considering each other’s proposal approach, no matter how nascent or evolved your proposal iteration might be.


Dr. Zamora

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