Seeing the Forest from the trees

At a certain point in the thesis journey, there is a “forest from the trees” moment. A moment when you must take a step back and see the whole for all the parts. Thank you Meagan for an inspiring thesis-in-progress presentation which made this essential pivot quite evident. Meagan has been hard at work writing, researching, curating, and revising. Her work thus far is a rich testament to the learning journey-as-iterative. At this stage, she has all the parts of her study (all the “trees”). Now, she must step back, and organize it all with a logic that helps the reader see the forest (the overall intention or argument). In other words, Meagan is in her final “design phase”.

Seeing the forest from the trees…

Meagan’s work is meaningful – essentially it is a close look at the role between expressive writing, understanding the nature of trauma and healing, and discovering voice. I am looking forward to her final design for this study.

The rest of our time together:

I am pleased we were able to touch base in our smaler groups. We will switch it up with a next week with a new protocol (a different kind of peer review). I will meet with “first semester” thesis writers this coming round.

Each week I continue to read your blogsin order to keep up with your progress. In a way, you can think of thesis class like an “accountability loop” – by blogging a progress report and also sharing a weekly “next steps plan” you should be able to apprehend the slow march to measurable progress.

Keep going!!

For next week:

-Blog on your thesis progress.  What have you accomplished, and what steps do you need to take next?

-We will hear from Darline about her own thesis-in- progress.  Plan for breakout group work for next week. I will check in with Dylan, Linda, Lexie, Ryan, Emily, Kevin, Nives, and the other group have a check-in session with each other as well.

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