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National Day on Writing

First off, I want to reiterate the invitation to participate in the National Day on Writing! Many of you are familiar with this because we partcipated in this last year. And many of you are educators, so I extend this invitation to your own students as well. Writing is an important part of life, especially our lives, and it behooves us to celebrate the ways writing has played a role in our lives!.

The National Day on Writing® celebrates writing—and the many places, reasons, and ways we write each day—as an essential component of literacy.   Since 2009, #WhyIWrite has encouraged thousands of people to lift their voices to the things that matter most to them.  The celebration will last for about a week or two, and I hope each of you will take a creative moment to share why you write (#whyiwrite), and also to share a little bit of who you are  (#iamfrom #whyiwrite).   Keep sharing your writing and connecting with others via the #whyiwrite #writeout #iamfrom and #unboundeq hashtags—find other writers via these hashtags on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

A Project that Embraces the Power of Identification

A big thank you to Lexie for presenting her thesis-in-progress work: -a beautiful and bold guidebook, -a proverbial letter to girls of color who need caring mentorship, -a retrospective letter to the writer’s younger self, and -a powerful ode to growing up with dignity & clarity to come-into-your-own.

Lexie’s thesis is written with a raw honesty and incorporates the shades and influence of memoir writing, but it is also a thoroughly researched “how to” and “guide” to understanding taboo subjects that are often misunderstood. Lexie digs deep to remember things from a young adult’s persective, while she also presents the facts to girls who really need them (in a world might preclude their own self-understanding). This project is long overdue, and I have no doubt it will have great impact. In the process of pursuing this work, Lexie is also tranforming herself into a true leader. Keep going Lexie! And thanks to all of you, her thoughtful writing peers, for offering insightful and smart feedback as she continues on this journey.

…Also, I am glad we covered the “come with a question” protocol in the second part o class, which allowed for a quick check in with each of you. I know each thesis writer has a simple directive for continuing on with their for this coming week.

To-do list:

-Blog on your thesis progress.  Share an update!  Set your next goals!

-We will hear from Medea about her own thesis-in-progress :)!

-The plan for next time includes breakout room discussions with peer work  (TROIKA protocol for first-semester thesis writers). More on that in class.

Have a relaxing weekend, and remember to engage in active self-care. It is a time of transition overall, and if you feel stress, be self aware and do your best to calibrate!

Sincerely, Dr. Zamora

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