This week, we kick off our series of individual thesis-in-progress presentations. Nives will inaugurate this semester’s series with her courageous and inspiring memoir. I am looking forward to our remaining tour of talent for the next several weeks, and the collaborative spirit that will arise from the peer support and feedback that is a part of this tradition.

Here are the slides from last week, and I am glad we had the chance to pursue a collaborative lit review, and consider the common ties in your projects.

I am sharing here a short video to inspire you as you keep going with your writing. Each of you has your own goals. Stick with it, and don’t lose sight. Try to write at least a little bit most days per week, and embrace the research component of your process when you need to switch from the creative/generative mode and fuel and re-energize some of your curiosity. Remember, this is the time when you should be putting in the time, and building significant momentum:

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