Our final semester party location:

I am looking forward to our end of the semester potluck party. I have booked the Kean Hall “Faculty Lounge”.  Kean Hall is the “castle” looking building where Kean admissions is located.  We will meet there at 4:30pm and we have the room until 7:15 pm.  Each of us will bring some food so that it becomes a diverse buffet.
Please remember that guests are welcome!  I am looking forward to meeting some of your family.  Also, if others in our community (friends, colleagues) would like to come along, please bring them!!  It is an open invitation celebration-event, meant to celebrate the great work being accomplished.  Devon and Tobey will be our feature presentations.  Their final work is distinguished, and I am looking forward to sharing their projects with all of you.
See you all soon,
Dr. Zamora

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