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On the road again…..

I am so glad we took the time to connect in the Library and visit the Kean University Learning Commons. Spending a bit of time with librarian Craig Anderson, learning about the vast resources at your fingertips, was certainly an important step for your continual thesis work. Since we have been remote for the past year and a half, this in-person introduction to the brick and mortar library was important, and I think it reminded all of us of the vast resources one actually gains when being a part of a University community. I am also so happy to have shown you the Visualization & Immersive Studio for Education and Research. I hope to conduct some of our classes in this space together, and I will be reaching out to our colleagues in the library to make sure we can book this opportunity for any of you. There is so much more for all of you to see at Kean, and I think we should take some time to discover what is at Kean while we work on your thesis each Wednesday. Since we are a group that is familiar with each other already, I think we will feel comfortable moving around campus in order to experience some of Kean’s resources together.

Here are the agenda slides from last class (that I didn’t use due to the workshop):

For next week, please remember your working groups, and remember each group has a specific protocol for writing your intro blog:

Group 1 (Hugo, Amber, Kelsey, & Tom):  Include a map or outline of your thesis work thus far, as well as a narrative of what has been done, and what you see as remaining.  Links to materials are recommended.

Group 2 (Diana, Jessie, Maura & Kate):  Include a map or outline of your thesis work thus far, as well as a brief narrative of what you have started, and what work you would like to do moving forward this semester.  Links to any in-progress material would be good, but not necessary.

Group 3 (Susan, Sun, & Bailey):  Blog about your early ideas for this thesis.  Please list some different ideas regarding your project.  Try to imagine a list of at least 5 different possibilities of what might interest you.

I look forward to reconnecting next week. We will settle the presentation calendar and discuss some general matters together, and then branch into smaller working-group focus time. Plan to meet in our CAS classroom at 4:30pm, and then we will walk together to our first re-location destination (TBD). See you then!

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