Keep Going!

My simple message of the week: Keep going!

Use the next few weeks remaining in this semester to surge ahead (with self-discipline and determination) and set small (modest) goals to keep momentum along the way. Keep working on your individual goals. Some of you have really hit a stride and just need to keep up with the exploration and writing you have been doing, and some of you will recalibrate and switch the process up a bit, shifting from research to writing (or the other way around), in order to approach other aspects of the overall vision.

You should be building on some momentum now. Lean into this, and let the words and work flow. This is the time to be writing without constraint…generating significant content. 

For those who are nearing the finish line this semester – at this stage, it makes sense to revisit to your Lit Review as it stands. Identify any important gaps…and be prepared to address any gaps you think you might have in your Lit Review. For the rest of you, think about setting up end-of-semester benchmarks or goals, and also start envisioning what you can accomplish over the holiday break before mid-January time.

Thanks to Diana for her meaningful reading of selections from her story Everything Must Go. The project is really blossoming/evolving, and that is evident both in the creative aspects of the work (the language, descriptions, symbols, metaphors) but also in terms of the necessary research involved in order to tell this story with verisimilitude. I am glad to apprehend the slow but steady development of this beautiful story. And thanks to the class community – your editorial feedback is invaluable to each writer.

We will probably set up an alternative arrangement for class next week. More on that when we discuss the plan in class.

See you soon!

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