Happy Thanksgiving! ….Our home stretch to 12/15

imagesDear MA thesis writers,

Happy Thanksgiving.

I am thinking of you, and the unique writing journeys you have each designed for your thesis.  I have sincerely enjoyed speaking with each of you regularly in our conferencing round-robin this semester.  The ebb and flow of your early project ideas has now made way to projects that have really taken shape (due to your consistent efforts).  I have also enjoyed reading the blog posts that have been coming in regarding what your are working on, struggling with, wondering about, or mulling over.  By now you have realized first hand that a big writing project (like an MA Thesis) is truly a journey with various twists and turns.  That is the nature of the beast ;) As you experience your fits and starts, please remember to sustain your own blogs about your research process.  Reflection is a powerful gateway to learning.

When I see you in this last phase of the semester, take note that we are now moving into a new phase of your progress.  We will create an individual plan for each of you to pursue throughout the interim between Fall and Spring semesters (Winter “break”).  This will be a crucial time of productivity for all of you, and it is best if there are clear benchmarks for progress for the stretch of time.  dissertation-literature-review-300x180

Please take note that our last class of the semester on December 15th will be a special gathering.  We will have a pot-luck meal (everyone should plan to bring something tasty to share – potluck sign-up here). I hope to secure a special room for us and I will announce our party location for the evening via email once I have secured it.

For that evening, you will each have a quick (5 min) opportunity to discuss your progress thus far on your work.  But the featured presentations of the evening will be from Tobey and Devon. They will both share an overview of their completed MA theses (they will have a more generous time allotment for sharing ;).   Both of them have worked tirelessly in the last few months, and I am very proud of the writing they have done.  I am sure you will appreciate the work as much as I have.  Our 12/15 pot-luck will be a fine way to end the year as we come together to celebrate writing!

See  you soon,

Dr. Zamora


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