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I am glad we spent a bit of time on this basic reminder to be aware of your “personal battery”. Just remember how important it is to keep this kind of self awareness at the forefront of your consciousness when you are trying to carve out the right amount of time for meaningful thesis progress. I also want to remind you of the deadlines coming up for participation in Kean’s Open Education Conference, as well as the University’s Research Days campus-wide forum. These are worthwhile opportunities for all of you. There is access to further info about these events in our slides from class below:

At this stage, I want to remind you all of the power of love, and it’s connection to life’s processes. I find that happiness and fulfillment are not so much an outward looking search, or something you discover at the end of some long journey. Rather, happiness and fulfillment are the art of you-in-process. You in the here & now.

Yes, you are all on an arduous journey – the MA thesis. There are challenges along the way, and there will be difficulties that manifest on your path to completion. But remarkably, it is also the process, the work you do today (in the “now”) that is most important. So lean into it, explore your intellect, continue the research, carve out the time to write and create. Prioritize this journey that you have elected to be on. Because it is a special time, a blessing. In a sense, I want you all to remember to love the life you live and to love this thesis process, and life will in magical ways, love you back 😉

Happy Valentines Day

I look forward to our next round of our thesis reflections together. Don’t forget to blog about your process/progress.

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