Calibration & reflection

As autumn and October is upon us, I commend you all for the slow-but-steady progress you are all making on your own terms. This is how it works. Step by step. Independently…, but with mentorship and a strong community of peer support. Keep setting your own small goals, and remember to self-discipline and put in the time to pursue lines of thought, reading, writing, connecting, sorting.

Thanks to the thoughtful “thesis-in-progress” presentations from both Patricia & Karel this week, we all received yesterday another glimpse into the iterative aspects of thesis building. Patricia presented her “The Adventures in Writing Process” portal for her upcoming case study work with nine emerging writers in the 3rd grade. What a wonderful glimpse into her thoughtful incorporation of some theoretical readings (Murray & Elbow) into a practice-based interactive design for your digital writers!! I especially loved the artistic application of her understanding through her multimodal design for this inquiry. We also spoke about the ambition of her project as she would like to apply a grounded theory model for observation and argumentation around the development of writing paradigms that emerge in your writers. I was pleased to recommend a “first phase” approach to this part of her work, as the time allotted for the remainder of her study will only allow for the start of the apprehension of patterns-of-practice with her nine “colorful” writers.

I think the main (positive) lesson here is to understand the scope of the work you are setting out to accomplish, and also understand the time frame in which you have to work. As Patricia recalibrate her earlier ambitions, she will end up with a more refined and precise set of outcomes, which will lead her to future work. I am glad we all had a chance to observe and discover this dynamic is producing a thesis project together. Said another way, sometimes a bit of “recalibration” is in order, and that is never a bad thing, but rather an essential step to take in the process overall.

Thanks to Karel for his sketch of his own writing process with his creative thesis project. As you all understand now, Karel has been working through his own experience in pandemic time through a creative exploration of the “Project Zero” story he has been developing. I think it is an important reality to apprehend – that all of you are writing a major academic project — your MA thesis – during this unprecendent time. There is no way that that contextual factor will not effect in some way the work. Thank you Karel for sharing your ongoing work with all of us, and making us see how that truth will shape everyone’s project in different ways.

To-do list:

-Blog on your thesis progress.  What have you accomplished, and what steps do you need to take next?

-We will hear from Meagan about her own thesis-in- progress.  

-Reminder of the Human Subjects Research in the Time of COVID-19 workshop next Monday Oct 5 at 3:15-4:15 pm. The Zoom link has been forwarded to all of you via email.

-Plan for breakout group work for next week (I will check in with Dylan, Linda, Lexie, Ryan, Emily, Fatima, Kevin, Nives, and the other group will proceed with a peer review protocol).

Have a great autumnal weekend, take care of yourselves, and reflect. And see you next Thursday! -Dr. Zamora

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