Back after Thanksgiving

I hope all of you have had a bit of a break with the Thanksgiving Holiday, and that you are feeling ok as we hit the home stretch of this pandemic semester. This semester has unfolded within an unprecedented time, and it is no small feat to be in grad school (and writing an MA thesis) in the midst of all of this difficulty. I am impressed with your progress.

Here are the slides of our last meeting agenda for the record:

Thank you to Linda for her thoughtful (and calming) overview of her thesis-in-progress. Linda’s inquiry is a close look at the unforeseen work that grammar-check tools can provide. In particular, she asks if these tools can provide needed support for multilingual and/or minority students, and what role grammar checkers might play in approximating more equitable experiences in our writing classrooms. I think her thesis is an important study, and it is the kind of work that should definitely be published in an academic journal. I am glad you were all able to tinker with and explore some of the grammar checkers she will be looking at in her case study work, and that you offered her some initial commentary in the padlet she shared with us durign her presentation.

Thanks also to Nives for a comprehensive overview of her non-fiction memoir about her experience with Obsessive-Compulsive disorder. The Seashell is a beautifully crafted work that is in part a narrative of personal trials and growth, but it is also a thoroughly researched account of a medical condition that many are struggling with. Nives provides important nuances that have to do with familial and cultural factors, as well as some insight into the pediatric onset of OCD. In this sense, I think her contribution is both distinct and important. But most significantly, it is the compelling storytelling that carries this project, as the narrator is conflicted, vulnerable, compassionate, and wise – all at once. It the kind of reading that you cannot put down. Not an easy feat.

As I have said more than a few times, I marvel at the collective wisdom and also the significance of your work as a thesis cohort. You have surpassed my expectations as a team of thoughtful writers, and a superb writing community. And you are all friends too, which to me, is also very meaningful. I am sincerely thankful for this journey with all of you.

This week we will hear from Ryan – our “grand finale” thesis-in-progress presenter, and then we will speak about the wrap up of our thesis days this semester. See you soon.

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