A haunting follow-up!

Last Saturday was Halloween, but the ominous season was still very much with us (in a multitude of ways) as we met for thesis seminar this week. With an election still hanging in the balance, and our nerves all shot, we settled into enjoying Emily’s well-crafted story which was a fascinating turn for all of us.

Emily’s thesis-in-progress presentation was a walkthrough of her developing psychological-thriller fiction. We all sat back and marveled as she shared a short reading of her current work, showcasing both her imagination and her ability to weave a harrowing pycho-killer profile. Our ensuing discussion was an interesting consideration of what makes this character tick. The development of character is always a challenge when writing fiction, and in this context, there was something especially compelling in our shared consideration. I enjoyed our discussion of dating and what adds to a growing sense of intimacy, as well as out thoughts on the specificity of Lorelai’s psychosis. We all apprehended Emily’s use of genre (the journal-entry “missive”) as well as an effective use of interwoven prose and poems) as a clear strength . I think your peer feedback and your collective wisdom was a testament to the significance & power of a writer’s community. Great job to Emily, and to all of you for weighing in so thoughtfully. Emily has established a sound timeline for the project – just keep going now that you have apprehended both your methods and your process. I think we can all agree that Lorelai does send a chill up our spines.

A deep breath

I want to thank all of you for your understanding as we hit this “lull” in the semester. This has been an intense stretch of time, with the election still not determined in finality and tensions rising in our society, and our work loads intensifying in the meanwhile. I appreciate the sincere support each of you has offered each other and to me as well. I hope we will continue to bolster each other, as we are at the peak of the semester. We still have much to accomplish together. So please recharge, be patient, and take a deep breath as we continue to calibrate and pace ourselves. I know I will be working on this over the weekend.


Dr. Zamora

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