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Thank you to Sun for illuminating us with your truly unique and distinguished MA thesis work. Your tour of Forensic Linguistics as a critical discipline has helped us see how significant language and rhetoric is in shaping a collective notion of societal truth. Language itself can be the critical component in determining “just outcomes”. Said another way, so much is revealed in the way we use words. This is the crux of Sun’s work – helping us see that any word-trace (looked at more deeply through forensic linguistic analysis) can be just as compelling as DNA evidence or a murder weapon in determining truth and/or justice. And it can also play a critical role in the mediation of just outcomes, as in the case of the nuanced rhetorical strategies employed in hostage negotiations. I especially enjoyed the way in which you have weaved so much accrued knowledge (built succinctly from your Lit Review reading & research process) into the fictive world of Rem Shepard. Written with sharp insight and compelling character development, Rem’s world is indeed intriguing from the start. But I especially like the way in which Rem’s fictive world captures the specific forms of knowledge you have considered deeply through your case study work and the forensic linguistic theory you have incorporated.

Up next, Kate will share her insights on the challenges that a first year teacher faces. She will share an update on her ongoing project and also crowdsource some glossary terms with all of us. I look forward to this!

We are now looking at about a month and half remaining until the close of the semester, so each of you really needs to envision how this last push will unfold in your schedule. I am confident that each of you is holding this reality at the forefront of your mind, but there is still a lot between now and then to address in completing your MA project to the best of your ability. I think that it might be beneficial to make a specific schedule at this point in time, to understand how that time will be best used to make the deadline. Please map out the next 6 weeks specifically, understanding what goal is central to each week left on our semester timeline.

See you soon!

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