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what do you mean a week’s passed alr-

time is a social construct bent on causing frustration and that’s all it’s good for send tweet

wait this isn’t a tweet

Hi friends. Welcome to Day 6 of Quarantine. I have left my house less than a handful of times and find myself unable to remember what day it is half the time. I also had a videochat hangout with like 7 friends and it was wild because that was the first time in a While that all of us were able to hang at the same time in the same (digital) location. It was cool. We bashed A Cinderella Story.

Here’s what I got for ya, by the by.

  • I’m finishing up the YouTube self doc as we speak because nothing gets me motivated more than a deadline approaching at fULL SPEED
    • Also my friend reminded me of the Comic Sans trick. The meme of a typeface apparently makes it easier to write? So I tried it? And it does? Or maybe it’s psychologic– I am not dissecting this anymore let’s move on
  • Set up the documents and tentative headers for the vignettes. Those are the ones I wanna tackle this week. See more below.
  • Actually opened the wix site on this laptop because I’d previously only been logged in on my work computer (don’t tell my boss) and couldn’t remember the password and used that as the sole excuse for barely touching it. Lil mental hangups, man, I swear.


  1. Fan – Content Relationship
    • Relatability and Connection
    • Bullseye Model
    • Fan’s separation of content from its community
    • Fictional content v. IRL content
  2. Fan – Community Relationship
    • Inclusion
      • Support Systems
      • Belonging
    • Exclusion
      • Gatekeeping/Toxicity
      • Aversion (similar to separation section)
  3. Content – Community Relationship
    • Canon v. Fanon
    • Creative Influence
    • Content Curation/Fan Works
    • Career Paths
  4. Fandom v. The World
    • apologize in triplicate for the reference to Scott Pilgrim v. The World
    • External Stigma
    • “Nerd” fandoms v. mainstream “fandoms”
    • Is it fandom? (a look at politics and religion lmao)

I’m… happy with how it’s coming. Plus I don’t feel as pressured to do these, since they’re going to be pretty short.

This is a pretty short update post, but I’m looking forward to working on the vignettes. Plus I want to get a sketch of the homepage idea done so I can start really getting a design conversation going with my artist buds. Bless their souls for putting up with me.


big exhale.




it’s emo hour, huh

What better way to get in the feels of talking about anime than watching anime, amirite?

Stars Align is too real, y’all. And given is lovely.

But anyway.


  • Self-Docs (as of 9:30am Monday morning; I’ll edit with more progress)
    • Edited Nancy Drew entry – gotta add in that Jenkins plug
    • Restarted the YouTube one
    • Mostly done with the anime one
    • K-Pop is coming along
    • Intro exists  || 1pm don’t tell my boss edit: SHE’S P MUCH DONE.

My biggest issue with anime and K-Pop is that I feel like I have 78969 things to say, but I gotta pick and choose where to put what. Do I go into fanfiction and cultural stigma (and 10 other things) in my self doc or a vignette? Or do I just put as much as it applies to my own experiences in the self doc and save the rest for the vignette? And if so, where is that line?

I get why the panic sets around this time now.

  • The final site
    • Thinglink! Made an account for that. I’m thinking a thinglink for a homepage on a wordpress site. I vaguely recall there being issues with something like that, so I’ll have to snoop around.
    • The imagery I initially had for the homepage was a tree (like the one the player starts at in my e-lit piece from way back when; I’m debating asking two of my artist friends to help me out with it) with the different elements of this project at the different points of the tree (i.e., theory at the roots or something). So clicking on them via the thinglink would take the user to another page with that content on it. It’s really not that deep, just an aesthetic thing.
    • Current possible organization:
      • Roots: theory discussion (mini lit review?), acknowledgements, explanation of the project
      • *Trunk: Vignettes + Term Glossary (?)
      • *Inner/lower branches: Interviews + Self-Docs
      • Outer/upper branches: “coming soon” links for ODDNights (e-lit piece WIP), the eventual podcast I wanna do, and the eventual Let’s Play YouTube channel I wanna do
    • I’m kind of thrown by whether I should switch around the two that I put asterisks next to. Ugh. It’s messing with my head, so I’m gonna leave it here and hopefully we can talk it out in class … … … maybe the theory discussion can be the trunk and the acknowledgements and other kind of behind the scenes kinda stuff can be the roots…………. sigh.


  • Oh yeah also I got approved for Research Days.

I ain’t gonna say I’m nervous because I know it’ll be a fun time to talk about my project. Over the past week I’ve talked to at least 5 different people about it (airing concerns and doubts and future hopes post-thesis) and they’ve seemed interested and reassuring, so…………………

I think I can handle 15 minutes. The question is, will I be able to stop? jdklsjkl

For now, though! I keep working! And try! Not! To panic!

See y’all tomorrow.