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what do you mean a week’s passed alr-

time is a social construct bent on causing frustration and that’s all it’s good for send tweet

wait this isn’t a tweet

Hi friends. Welcome to Day 6 of Quarantine. I have left my house less than a handful of times and find myself unable to remember what day it is half the time. I also had a videochat hangout with like 7 friends and it was wild because that was the first time in a While that all of us were able to hang at the same time in the same (digital) location. It was cool. We bashed A Cinderella Story.

Here’s what I got for ya, by the by.

  • I’m finishing up the YouTube self doc as we speak because nothing gets me motivated more than a deadline approaching at fULL SPEED
    • Also my friend reminded me of the Comic Sans trick. The meme of a typeface apparently makes it easier to write? So I tried it? And it does? Or maybe it’s psychologic– I am not dissecting this anymore let’s move on
  • Set up the documents and tentative headers for the vignettes. Those are the ones I wanna tackle this week. See more below.
  • Actually opened the wix site on this laptop because I’d previously only been logged in on my work computer (don’t tell my boss) and couldn’t remember the password and used that as the sole excuse for barely touching it. Lil mental hangups, man, I swear.


  1. Fan – Content Relationship
    • Relatability and Connection
    • Bullseye Model
    • Fan’s separation of content from its community
    • Fictional content v. IRL content
  2. Fan – Community Relationship
    • Inclusion
      • Support Systems
      • Belonging
    • Exclusion
      • Gatekeeping/Toxicity
      • Aversion (similar to separation section)
  3. Content – Community Relationship
    • Canon v. Fanon
    • Creative Influence
    • Content Curation/Fan Works
    • Career Paths
  4. Fandom v. The World
    • apologize in triplicate for the reference to Scott Pilgrim v. The World
    • External Stigma
    • “Nerd” fandoms v. mainstream “fandoms”
    • Is it fandom? (a look at politics and religion lmao)

I’m… happy with how it’s coming. Plus I don’t feel as pressured to do these, since they’re going to be pretty short.

This is a pretty short update post, but I’m looking forward to working on the vignettes. Plus I want to get a sketch of the homepage idea done so I can start really getting a design conversation going with my artist buds. Bless their souls for putting up with me.


big exhale.




where to even begin

I think the collective mood of us all is going to be: tired.

The past two weeks have been just… increasingly mentally draining.

I really don’t know why the self-docs have me struggling so much. The YouTube one especially. I’d like to say it’s done, but it’s not. As of now, 2:30pm Sunday, at least.

The site itself. I think I’m going with a Wix site. I just have to figure out how Wix works. It’s so complex and the ideas I have for the site are so simple so it feels like when I’m working with a template wix page, I’m deconstructing the whole thing, or it’s just not allowing for what I want. I need to look at it again, look around online.

I want to get started on other things, though, too. Like revisiting my old sources. And the vignettes. I’d like to do 5 of those. How long they should be, though… sigh… I don’t know. The self-docs came out to 6 pages each, or at least that’s what they are now, and I don’t know if I just don’t know how to shut up or I’m struggling with being concise. And concise is what I need for the vignettes.

But anyway.

I wrote up these topics a few weeks back for the vignettes:

  • Separation of content and community
  • Fandom communities as support systems
  • Fiction v. IRL fandoms
  • External stigma
  • Internal stigma – i.e., gatekeeping, toxicity
  • Creative influence
  • The Bullseye model one of my interviewees made up regarding levels of fan membership
  • Fandom as a culture (internal ethics/criticisms)
  • Content curation

For the sake of time, I’ll probably condense some.

I’m trying to do that now, think of how to do that, but… With everything going on lately, it’s almost hard to think. Maybe I’m just overwhelmed. Scratch that, I’m definitely overwhelmed. 

SCRATCH ALL THAT. YEAH I’M OVERWHELMED BUT I JUST GOT A BOOST OF–idk it was probably the three pieces of expired Halloween chocolate I ate–BUT ANYWAY.

  • Stigma (internal, external, gatekeeping, toxicity)
  • Fan-Content Relationship (Bullseye, separation, fiction v. IRL)
  • Fan-Community Relationship (support systems, belonging, inclusion/exclusion, relate to stigma)
  • Content-Community Relationship (canon v. fanon, content curation, creative influence, fan works, career paths)

Am. Am I seeing some kinda trifecta model here? Fan-Content-Community… E y e. Is this a breakthrough. is this what a breakthrough is like.

It makes sense. The fan as the individual. The fan’s relationship with the content, the fan’s relationships with the community. And the relationship between the content and the community. Those. Could cover the topics I listed.

I think it needs refining, of course. Maybe the stigma vignette handles fandom’s place in society overall, the external stuff, and the more internal stuff will go under “fan-community”–bruh. I gotta think on this. But hoo boy do I love when things come in threes. Wow. A literary dream.

Okay, suddenly I feel a bit better about this. I gotta keep thinking about that fourth one, though, but I do think it’s necessary to see all this tri-relationship bs as it relates to “the outside,” y’know what I mean? Like local v. fandom Twitter. Wow. Coming full circle.

Okay, I’m gonna ruminate on this. See y’all tomorrow over videochat.

After I come home from my job which I apparently still have to come on campus for.