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Thesis Intro

Hello everyone!  Let me take a moment to say just how happy I am that the semester is starting up again!  The time off from our journey was nice, but I am more than ready to get back to it.  I’ve been working like crazy all summer long, so to have a chance to get back into my studies and focus on something such as preparing and writing my thesis is something that definitely excites me a whole lot.  Additionally, I genuinely look forward to seeing how each one of my classmates progress in their own thesis journey, as I feel our group is special in that we are constantly bringing out the best in each other.  

For my thesis, I am actually going to pursue work I have done in a previous class.  For those who were in the Networked Narratives last semester with Dr. Zamora and Professor Alan Levine, I am going to take the story outline we worked on as the final project and work to write the story in its entirety as a novel.  In that class, I really felt myself begin to blossom as a creative type, and the prospects of exploring this further truly excites me.  It is a work that ties in the pandemic and the scary realities of where our society is headed in terms of technology and this idea of surveillance capital (if you know, you know.)  

The task at hand is certainly daunting, but I welcome the challenge and the work that this is going to be.  I look forward to working with everybody in such a manner that will elevate each of our ideas into truly special, valuable work.  

To the AUC Students

My field guide topic is: the creation of multiple digital identities by adolescents highlights their need to share versions of themselves online, proving that there is no distinction between "real life" and "digital life" and that both make up one's persona.
    Below are a few questions I have related to my topic, and would greatly appreciate your help!

    1. Do you know of any adolescents who have a fake instagram where they interact?
    2. The debate surrounding digital dualism and anti-digital dualism argues whether or not having an online identity is a separate entity from our offline selves or if they are intertwined. What are your thoughts? Are they separate personas or intertwined?
    3. What are your perceptions regarding adolescents with multiple accounts for multiple personas online? How do you feel this impacts their development?