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Pushing Through Strong!

Hi all! In this week’s progress report, I am proud to announce that I have officially finished the student version website! Between getting my own writing scholars ready to end their semester, and preparing for the last  three weeks of mine; I was in a Go Mood. Alongside finishing the site, I made major edits to my Research Proposal, completed my  #OTESSA21 proposal submission, and finished off my last major assignment for my NJIT course. Getting all of this fun stuff done before Thanksgiving really helped relieve some stress off my shoulders. Posted below is the video of my presentation, where I discussed the creation of both the student and instructor version of the e Learning websites.

Progress, Progress, Progress!

Hi fellow scholars! Unfortunately, my news from last week of presenting at Research Day at NJIT will not be happening. The university has decided to postpone it to next semester. Even with this unfortunate news, my thesis is still trugging along. I did MAJOR edits on the introduction and literature review within my Research Proposal. I am currently finishing up the last three tutorial videos for the student version site. Since I will not be sharing any more of my tutorial videos into the end of my thesis, in this week’s blog, I will let you guys read the edited version of the introduction and literature review within my Research Proposal.

Click Image to access my Proposal! Access is limited to Kean University accounts

Goals for the coming week:

  • FINISH student version site
    • Add in “notebooks” for 6 different scholars
  • Continue to make edits to Research Proposal
  • Make slight edits to instructor version site

4 more weeks to go.. It is grind time!

Work, work, work, work, work!

Between our last class meeting and coming into this week, I have been focusing on finishing up the tutorial videos for the students’ site. These past couple of days have felt more heavier and crunch time. Alongside completing work for the M.A. program here at Kean, I am also trying to finish my semester strong at NJIT. Luckly, I was able to carry my thesis work along to the course I am taking at NJIT. With that help of my fellow communication peers at NJIT, I have been able to refine the lit review version that is within my research proposal. This week, I will not be giving a preview of my last three videos for my students’ site. But I would like to leave you all with some cool news:

  1. I will be presenting my thesis work at NJIT Graduate Research Day this upcoming Monday! Below is a flyer for more details:
  1. I will start back preparing to move forward with starting my research with the 3rd grade students within my AmeriCorps position. I will need to talk to Dr. Zamora and Dr. Charles and what my next steps will be.

Lastly, I will leave you all with a checklist of the all last bit of wrapping up for my thesis project

Progress 11/18

This week I took some time to plan out the events in my story, taking Dr. Zamora’s suggestion moving forward as my next step.  It has been slightly challenging to think of how the story is going to break at different points, but it has been fun nonetheless.  What I have tried to focus on is listing out the main events that will happen throughout the story and trying to fill in the details from there.  That is where a project like this is going to flourish, in the details.  Once I have the entire thing mapped out, I will conduct more research into all of the aspects that still nedd to nbe ironed out, and I believe this will open even more doorways for me to continue to construct my project.  One thing I have also thought about briefly is how I want to put all of it together, as the more that I have thought about it, I think Dr. Zamora was right where this project will end up being more of a screenplay than a novel, and that both excited me and scares me, as that is something else that I need to do research on and see how to put all of this together.  Not a ton of progress, but progress either way.  See you all later!

All Most There!

This week’s thesis blog post is going to be simple and sweet. I have been doing a lot of creating throughout my entire process of creating a site centered around a student’s perspective. Through tutorial videos I have been uploading to youtube, these videos are a greeting starting point with these moc version sites.

I did a little self reflection of my understanding on educational technology. It is definitely a big field, and I wish to grasp as much as possible so that I can finalize TAWP. I was also entertaining the idea of pitching my content to google; due to the fact that creation of the site (which as puts protection to an extent), on who can access the information. Would anyone have any suggestions on this matter?

To end off this lovely blog post, below are the components of my thesis I worked on today, alongside my course schedule of what I am working on this week.

FYI: My course schedule is showing the things I planned to do in advance. All other material below is me putting on 3x times the work … Graduation, here I come!):

TAWP Editing Notes Tutorial Video

TAWP Students “notebook” 

Working Thesis Progress Calendar:

Thesis Updates!

This week’s thesis is focused on fixing surface errors within the Instructor’s version of TAWP. Again, giving a big shout out to Karel, for bringing to my attention the audience I am targeting. Keeping in mind that I have two separate audiences (Instructors and Students), I have been rigorously working on a student friendly version of TAWP. Last week, I shared two sample videos of my shirt tutorial videos for each portion of TAWP. This week I am also sharing two more videos that I have created (they are hyperlinked below):

TAWP: Prewriting

TAWP: Drafting

Alongside doing these videos, I have also created interactive google slides “notebooks” that students will have access to. They will be able to take their own notes alongside the ones I have provided for them. I am not quite ready to share the actual student friendly version of TAWP, but I will provide one of the “notebooks” I have created. Below is the google slides “notebook” for Prewriting:

Lastly, I am so grateful that I decided to take classes at NJIT! The reason for this is that it has helped pace me with keeping track of TAWP student versions and my Lit Review. I kind of hit two birds with one stone in this aspect. One of my final projects for this class is to create any form of communication through any multimedia-model, along with any topic (I believe I discussed this in a previous blog). For one of my assignments this week for this class, we are peer reviewing the Lit review we are submitting. This is really fortunate for me because I get to have multiple people give me feedback on this .. including the professor at NJIT (she is AMAZING by the way). She loves what I have so far and she is confident that it will turn out great!

In all, my thesis is definitely moving forward to a positive place. The last note I want to leave off for this blog is my current thesis progress schedule:

Update 11/5

This past week has been a total and utter blur in all of my classes.  I work in a retail warehouse and a pizzeria on the weekends, so with the weather getting cold and the holidays upon us, I have been running around like a mad man.  With that being said, my thesis work is coming along pretty nicely.  My efforts this week focused mostly on my formal submission at the end of the semester by way of my proposal and my literature review.  With my presentation coming up next week, I want to make sure I have some of this work done as I feel as though it will be easier for me to convey my thoughts and for the rest of the class to understand my work a little better.  I am now beginning to try and put together sources for my lit review and will begin the process in putting all of this together.  See you all in class!

Thesis Update 10/29

This past week, I attempted to try and put together one scene for my thesis project.  This was a much more difficult task than I thought it would be if I am being totally honest.  As I sat down to complete this, it came time for me to decide what scene exactly I wanted to work on and build.  Given that my story is still in early planning phases, I found narrowing down where I would want to start with and work on first to take more time than I thought it would.  Ultimately, I decided to go with the beginning of my story, the first scene.  For me, this was the best way for me to go because I think it would give me a jump start in creating the world or universe that I want my story to be set in.  Those kinds of details are what will make this story everything it can be, because it will set up a clear direction and vibe for me to work with and build towards.

As I sat down to do this, I began to type feverishly as I could begin to feel everything take shape.  I did not even mention a single character, so as I went on I found I was not writing a scene so much as I was putting together a concrete list of elements that I wanted to be present in the first scene and the symbolism I want to include in the onset.  This may have veered a bit from where Dr. Zamora suggested for me to do, and I am not sure if she is going to like it, but I can honestly say for the first time in the last several weeks, I truly feel like I have made a step in the right direction.  

Editing Research Proposal

In this week’s update on my thesis progress, I can definitely feel the express train of getting things done! I have also picked up some new digital tools that will help me further develop the student site version of TAWP. I recently did a one time app purchase for GoodNotes! I like the design of the digital writing interface, as it seems a lot more inviting and familiar with students who are used to writing on paper (alongside the actual notes I took within the application). With that being said, I will give you all a sneak peek into one of my tutorial videos for TAWP Student site! 

Alongside this discovery of another useful application, I have been sticking with my thesis progress schedule. This week I decided to double up on the load of work, this can be seen below on my working thesis calendar. Alongside the calendar are small specific notes as to what each week details (of course I have to double back and put dates next to those too!). I will be embedding pdf versions of my notes I wish to share (limited access!). Even though this is the most tedious part of the thesis so far, it feels good to get through it!

Most recent version of thesis progress calendar
To dos for the week!

Also here is a limited access of the notes I took to edit my Lit Review from last week and the most edited version of my Lit Review! Also below is one of the videos I will be adding to the TAWP student site:

TAWP: Intro

TAWP: Understanding The Assignment

Just because time is quickly winding down towards the end of the semester, I decided to make this fun little countdown as a boost to keep going towards the end!

Thesis Update 10/22

Here is my thesis update, and I wish I have more to report.  I can honestly say that this week kind of got away from me.  I tried to make a point to set some time aside for me to sit down and so some kind of writing exercises that would be linked or connected to my project in some way, but that time never came.  I guess all of my projects have been made in ways that are not necessarily tangible measurable.  I did think more, map more and plan more on certain aspects of the story that I am trying to tell.  Once again doing some reading about elements that I want to add to my story as well as going back and watching some other types of media that have acted as my inspiration for how the backdrop of my world will be constructed.  I have also began to think just a little bit about other characters that I want to have in this story besides my main character and the antagonist.  Do I want a love interest?  Where could that arc be added?  Will it be significant?  What smaller characters do I need?  These are all great questions that I have had to begin to wrestle with, and frankly ones that I had not put a whole lot of thought into, and have to put much more in as well.  As far as this supporting cast goes, I really think these types of characters would go a long way in being able to showcase the entire Kirk Ramsay experience, allowing the reader to see all different parts of his personality.  I find this to be super important because my hope would be that people can relate to him, making the reading easier to digest and understand.  

Another consideration I had this week was how am I going to tangle social justice into this picture?  I am setting out, afterall, to create a piece that can take all of these different current events and create a good yet powerful story and reflection on what is happening around us in the now and how these things may already be setting up our future.  So, I began to ask myself how can I do this?  First off, it is seeing how there can be a correlation of any kind made between the social justice issue that I would want to use and the way the people in my story behave based on the new normal they are forced to face.  What challenges can create a racially motivated, catastrophic scenario that will help me to illustrate these points?  I honestly think that adding this element to my story is going to be one of the most challenging parts of putting this story together.  We’ll see where we go from here. 

PS: Enjoy some Travis Tritt