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images-21By now you should be in the midst of the development of your “Early MA Proposal Document”.  I have spoken with each of you about your early ideas, and that should serve as the basis for this first attempt at a formal articulation of your project.  Please follow the guidelines posted in the Early MA Thesis Proposal Document in order to get the most out of this step in your overall thesis journey.

Your document is due by Thursday Sept. 24th.  Please send me that document in google doc form, and please also share the document with your thesis co-hort (Larissa, Christina, Andre, Melissa, and Matt).  On 9/25, I will be sending you a collaborative google doc which will serve as a shared feedback document which we will all work on together.

Please read the four early proposals from your colleagues, and submit some initial feedback in our shared document.  Include any questions that come up as a peer reader.  There will be a section in this document dedicated for each writer’s proposal.  Please write to/for each author, sharing aspects of the proposal that seem to lead to productive points of inquiry, and which aspects of the proposal could use further articulation or clarification.  Is there a clear argument or goal for this project?  What questions come to mind as you read your colleagues early thoughts?  This exercise/document is meant to help each of you.  It is a powerful source of learning to consider peer work (not only for the writer receiving the feedback, but for the reader as well).  It will help in honing your own editorial/analytical lens.


Please note that although your early proposal document is due on 9/24, we will not be meeting in person that evening.  Your next step is take the time to read and offer your feedback to your colleagues in the collaborative feedback document.  This work will be due for the night of 10/1.  We will be meeting on the evening of 10/1.  On 10/1 we will discuss the feedback offered each thesis writer, and then we will cover “next steps” as we consider the literature review portion of your research.

Deadlines for now:

If you haven’t already, please send me your thesis blog url and be sure to post about how it is going thus far.  I will be syndicating your blogs in to this site shortly.

9/24 – Early proposal document sent to Dr. Zamora and fellow MA thesis colleagues. No meeting.

10/1 – Feedback on each early MA thesis proposal in the shared collaborative document (to be sent to all of you by Dr. Zamora on 9/25).  Meeting to discuss feedback and literature review phase.

As always, if you need to connect to discuss your unfolding work, please contact me so we can keep you on track.


Dr. Zamora



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