Welcome back!

images-1So here we are, at the second half of your thesis journey.  Last semester was filled with exploration, doubts, discovery, false starts, reading and vetting, and writing.  This semester you will gain the momentum necessary to complete a meaningful project by April 15th.  That is the formal date set for your final thesis submission.

Also, please mark the date of April 21st.  We will be hosting the 1st annual Writing Studies Spring Symposium from 5-7pm, which will be a social gathering as much as a showcase of your culminating work.  In addition, I hope we can discuss a possible panel plan for Kean’s “Research Days” set for April 27th.  This presentation would be very similar to your short presentations for our Spring Symposium.

We have used our weekly meeting on Thursday nights to conference, so that each of you might have a chance to speak about your process individually.  Together, we have built an instinctive protocol that has offered a sense of accountability, feedback, and of course, support.  Tonight I want to check in with each of you to make sure that this process still makes sense, as I am open to new forms/structures for our designated time together.  Personally, I have been happy with the conferencing protocol, but I am also open to new ideas. My main interest is in supporting you all effectively in getting to the proverbial finish line.


Looking forward to digging back in tonight!


Dr. Zamora




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