Towards your initial literature review

twists-300x199I have enjoyed speaking with each of you weekly regarding the ebb and flow of your early project ideas.  I have also enjoyed reading the blog posts that have been coming in regarding what your are working on, struggling with, wondering about, or mulling over.  By now you have realized first hand that a big writing project (like an MA Thesis) is truly a journey with various twists and turns.  That is the nature of the beast 😉  As you experience your fits and starts, please remember to sustain your own blogs about your research process.  Reflection is a powerful gateway to learning.

When I see you tomorrow night, I hope to continue with our conversations.  We are now moving into a new phase of your progress, as we address the development of an initial literature review.  dissertation-literature-review-300x180Please see the Literature Review document which I have written for all of you.  I have added the document here to our course website under “course materials” as well.  In addition, you are welcome to look up further resources online.  Please take note that we have already set a course deadline for the early Lit Review (10/22) although I think it will be prudent to add one more week and adjust the deadline for 10/29.  In the meanwhile, there is much reading and synthesizing of material to undertake.  I hope to guide you and converse with you along your way.

See  you soon,

Dr. Zamora


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